Can I send a customer with multiple unpaid invoices one email with a payment link for Quickbooks?

Yes, your customers can pay one invoice sent from an email without logging in to the invoice portal, or they can login and selected multiple invoices to pay. Our integrated payments module reduces customer friction to pay bills for Quickbooks Pro and Enterprise users and supports a variety of payment types and methods.

paying multiple invoices quickbooksNote, you must have your own desktop or hosted version of Quickbooks. Quickbooks online does not support the ability to add 3rd party modules.

Quickbooks Merchant Services Vs CenPOS Payment Gateway & Platform:

  • Quickbooks Intuit Merchant Services nets fees from every transaction; CenPOS fees are charged once per month.
  •  Intuit Merchant Services must use their acquirer. With CenPOS, choose any acquirer.
  • Quickbooks ACH nets their fees from every transaction. CenPOS fees are charged once per month.
  • Quickbooks sends monthly statements; CenPOS sends invoice reminders on your schedule with simple click to pay.
  • CenPOS supports level 3 processing and cardholder authentication to help you manage the cost of accepting credit cards and mitigate risk of chargebacks.

Christine Speedy, CenPOS business development 954-942-0483. CenPOS is a cloud based business solutions provider. Our cross-generational platform enables clients to expand their payment acceptance strategies, improve customer engagement, and increase business productivity.

Quickbooks Payment link on Statements

Is it possible to have the payment link on statements as it is on invoices emailed to customer?

Yes, businesses using a desktop or self-hosted version of Quickbooks Enterprise and other versions can use the custom text field in the template set up to create a link. Customers click from the statement to a self-service portal to pay all invoices. This is not available with Intuit Merchant Services, but is supported with our third party module. The link from the invoice is to pay the specific invoice, no login required.

Are you tired of following up on late or past due receivables? Does it take weeks and months to get paid? Do your customers ‘lose invoices’? Do you want to qualify for low level III interchange rates for purchasing cards? Boost cash flow, efficiency and profits virtually overnight with the best alternative to Intuit merchant services for Quickbooks. Compatible with QuickBooks 2015 and 2016 Pro, Plus, Enterprise versions. (Not Quickbooks online.)

Adding a Pay Now Button Link To Quickbooks Statements

  1. Non-Intuit merchant account required to accept credit cards. Christine Speedy will help you with a wholesale account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Sign up for a CenPOS account with Christine Speedy.
  3. Install the supplied module.


  • Send invoices the way your customers want- text or email
  • Automated reminder collections built-in
  • Quickbooks updated automatically when customers pay
  • ACH, wire, and Paypal, also supported
  • 3-D Secure supported to shift card not present fraud liability to issuer
  • For retail, full cashiering supported for 100% financial transparency.
  • EMV chip and pin, chip and signature supported
  • Smart rate selector reduces merchant fees

It’s quick and easy to get started with our Quickbooks credit card processing module so employees can get right to work without disruption.

Note: This article was accurate at the time written. Solutions are continually updated. Contact us for the latest facts.

Christine Speedy, CenPOS authorized reseller, 954-942-0483. CenPOS is a merchant-centric, end-to-end payments engine that drives enterprise-class solutions for businesses, saving them time and money, while improving their customer engagement. CenPOS secure, cloud-based solution optimizes acceptance for all payment types across multiple channels without disrupting the merchant’s banking relationships.

Best Quickbooks Credit Card Processing – Card Not Present 2017

Due to new credit card processing mandates effective October 14, 2017, business to business merchants especially need to review practices for card not present transactions. Compliance will boost profits and improve customer experience; non-compliance will increase costs, penalty fees and customer dissatisfaction. Our Quickbooks plugin for all desktop and enterprise versions (except Quickbooks Online) eases the burden of compliance, while improving customer buying experience, cash flow and profits. For business to business (B2B), we have the best solution.

Card Not Present Credit Card Processing Rules & Guidelines:

  1. Never store full card data on paper or digitally.  If you can retrieve it, so can a criminal. Merchants are never, ever allowed to request the security code (Visa Core rule on paper, or via digital methods such as email or text. Paper credit card authorization forms as well as digital signature forms that can be unencrypted to view sensitive cardholder data are prohibited. We fix this problem by delivering electronic invoices and empowering customers to self-store payment methods.
  2. When first storing a credit card, perform a Zero Dollar Authorization with the correct transaction type flag. This process is managed seamlessly in the background if supported and enabled by the payment gateway.  (TIP: Some solutions perform a $1 authorization and then void the transaction- this is non-compliant.) We automate this this process in full compliance.
  3. Perform Cardholder Authentication. The two authentication options are card security code and 3-D secure, such as Verified by Visa. The latter is a global standard that requires the cardholder self-initiate payment, a more secure solution; Merchants using 3-D secure benefit by increased sale approvals, fraud liability shift to issuers, and for some cards, lower rates.
  4. When first storing a credit card, have your customer opt-in via a manual checkbox to return and cancellation policies.
    hosted online paypage

    Hosted online pay page, partial screenshot

    If your gateway does not include this option for customer initiated checkout, including paying invoices, it’s an easy way to identify your payment gateway is not compliant with new rules yet.

  5. Use a payment gateway that supports new authorization rules, including stored card pre-authorization, incremental authorization, final authorization, authorization reversal, partial authorization reversal, and credit authorization.initial authorization

Both the payment gateway provider and processor must support 3-D secure and zero dollar authorization.

Alternative Quickbooks Credit Card Processing Module- features for card not present:

  • EBPP- Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment to send invoices and accept ACH/eCheck, credit card, wire, Paypal
  • Customers self-manage payment methods
  • Unscheduled charge card on file supported
  • 3-D Secure and additional security tweaks
  • Customer portal for 24/7 invoice retrieval and payments
  • Deliver invoices via text and email
  • Automated collections reminders
  • Opt-in checkbox with custom text
  • Optional custom fields
  • Works with all the acquirers, including First Data, Paymentech, Heartland, Global Payments, Elavon, TSYS, Moneris etc.
  • Level III 3 processing supported for reduced merchant fees when applicable for purchasing, business and corporate cards.
  • Smart Rate selector optimizes transactions for lowest qualified rate

Want the best Quickbooks credit card processing plugin for your B2B business? Contact Christine Speedy today for a virtually instant ROI, maximize profits and cash flow while improving your customer buying experience. Quick and easy to adopt, you’ll wish you had found this solution sooner.

Christine Speedy, CenPOS authorized reseller, 954-942-0483 is based out of South Florida and NY. CenPOS is a merchant-centric, end-to-end payments engine that drives enterprise-class solutions for businesses, saving them time and money, while improving their customer engagement. CenPOS secure, cloud-based solution optimizes acceptance for all payment types across multiple channels without disrupting the merchant’s banking relationships.

Can I use CenPOS gateway for Quickbooks electronic invoicing EIPP alternative?

Businesses can use the CenPOS Quickbooks integration for einvoicing and payment from text or email. The CenPOS electronic bill presentment and payment, or EBPP, also known as electronic invoice presentment and payment, or EIPP, will improve your customer experience and boost cash flow, as an alternative to the Intuit PaymentNetwork.

cenpos eipp electronic invoice presentment and payment

CenPOS EIPP screenshot of email body

Intuit PaymentNetwork is an electronic invoicing and payment service to accept credit cards, debit cards and ACH payments. CenPOS is a univeral payment processing network that streamlines the payment experience for merchants and customers through all sales channels, and multiple payment types. The CenPOS Quickbooks plugin is easy to use increases profits and cashflow vs Intuit einvoicing solution.

CenPOS vs Quickbooks Intuit EIPP Core Differences:

EIPP Quickbooks Intuit vs CenPOS reviewSome specific advantages:

  • Easier for customers to buy- proven to reduce DS, and increase satisfaction
  • Easier for customers to buy- proven to increase business to business sales
  • Agnostic to financial partners- non-disruptive if you change them
  • Does not create a new customer if the cardholder name does not match the name on the invoice (big complaint for Quickbooks users)

When comparing CenPOS vs Intuit’s Quickbooks EIPP solutions, CenPOS is a far more robust and powerful solution to maximize profits. Contact us for the free plugin and CenPOS services.

Automate accounts receivable collections, integrated with QuickBooks

quickbooks paymentsFirst of three solution reviews to automate collections and boost cash flow for Quickbooks users. While Quickbooks provides plenty of data to help merchants identify outstanding accounts receivables, and then pursue collections, it’s lacking power in automating collections. Third party solutions fill this gap, and the efficiency and cost savings usually far exceed the cost of the services.

Most third party solutions have these in common:

  • Payments occur outside Quickbooks, keeping the application out of scope for PA DSS certification
  • PCI Compliant method to store credit cards
  • The payment gateway manages any stored card data and or check data.
  • Because Intuit Merchant Services does not allow any other payment gateways to be integrated, a new merchant account is required.
  • ACH payments accepted
  • Compatible with current versions Quickbooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise
  • No double entry needed- transactions post back into Quickbooks

Our first solution includes a universal payment gateway, compatible with any merchant account, and Quickbooks integration plugin. It’s the most robust solution for omnichannel and business to business merchants.

Automated Collections features:

  • Emailed invoice includes pre-filled payment object within the body; customer can pay with stored token in seconds
  • Weekly reminder for unpaid invoices beginning 7 days after date first delivered (feature may vary by integration type and or product development)
  • Includes customer portal to view and pay multiple invoices; invoices marked as paid.
  • Automated reminders for customers to self-update expiring credit cards

What are the top three differentiators from other integrated payment solutions available?

  1. Does not require customer login to pay an invoice making it easy to forward and easy to remotely pay; minimizes issues related to employees out sick, out of office, and on vacation.
  2. Enterprise management and reporting for multiple companies and sales channels
  3. Interchange optimization, including level III processing, and least cost routing across all sales channels

Pricing for Quickbooks Automated Collections

  • Free trial
  • No new merchant account required
  • Gateway billed monthly in arrears; contact for quote
  • Quickbooks plugin is free
  • Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment service is billed monthly in arrears

Where to order

Available exclusively through a few select authorized resellers. Contact Christine Speedy at 3D Merchant Services for more information or to order.