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Christine Speedy

Christine Speedy is the founder of 3D Merchant Services and sought after expert for B2B credit card processing and related compliance.

“I  don’t just preach improving EBITDA, I provide businesses with the technology and tools to accept payments wherever their customers are, with preferred payment methods, while also mitigating risk, and reducing PCI Compliance burden.”

Even businesses that don’t accept credit cards can benefit from streamlined payment solutions and improved cashflow. Our technology solutions work with your existing credit card and check processing relationships; What about wire payments? Yes, one solution for everything! You’ll need to replace outdated payment gateways, virtual terminals, and dial up credit card terminals to maximize benefits.

Contact Christine Speedy, PCI Council QIR certified. 954-942-0483, 9-5 ET. QIR’s are required for level 4 merchant terminal installations.

My goal is to provide you with the information needed to make all payment related decisions, including choosing me as your trusted reseller for payment services such as credit card processing, check processing and payment gateway services. I entered the credit card processing long after it was a mature marketplace, and quickly developed a reputation for superior knowledge to help merchants reduce credit card processing fees. In the new technology era, I’ve brought the same fervor and self-driven training to help guide you to the best solutions for cloud payments, mobile, text and all future payment processing related needs.

My focus is companies with a business to business element, with $1,000,000 minimum annual credit card processing, if applicable. I say ‘operation’ because, for example, a new car dealer has a consumer business, but they also typically have a wholesale parts department. Distributors and manufacturers are key markets I work with.

I have relationships with many of the industries biggest players, yet I remain independent so that you’ll always be presented the best solution. Merchants often question why they were not informed about some new technology or rule. Banks only sell their products. Ditto for many other service providers. So they rarely talk about other solutions, even if complementary.

My background is in marketing, and I’ve always had an interest in helping companies boost sales and profits, which creates more jobs and ultimately, increases philanthropy. I have a passion for continually educating myself and others, such as through my blog or volunteering at Jr Achievement of South Florida.

The blog section of the web site is where I share what I’ve learned, handy reference information, and information relative to what I hear in the field on a daily basis from speaking with CFO’s, accounting, and others in mid-size companies. From these customers situations, maybe you’ll recognize your situation too.

While I hold the title of owner at 3D Merchant Services, it’s really a marketing entity. I’m an authorized reseller for CenPOS and others representing the best of the best payment processing technology. I present each merchant that works with me a contract directly with my financial partners so they have the security of a major industry player, and the expertise of someone not bound to a single product or idea. There is never a consulting fee. My partners pay me for bringing them great clients for mutual benefit. After the sale, I remain as your relationship manager, providing continual advice and support.

I hope you find my blog valuable. Contact me if you’re looking for an expert to help you with anything related to payments.

Christine Speedy 954-942-0483, 9-5 ET.

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