EMV deadline misinformation is rampant

emv smart card

EMV chip smart card.

Even the major news publications are publishing misinformation about EMV for retail. This article identifies some common false claims.

CLAIM: Equipment upgrade to EMV by October is mandatory. False. There’s no mandatory requirement for merchants to upgrade to EMV by the card associations. Acquirers and encouraging merchants to update, but it’s not a mandate.

CLAIM: Merchants are not liable for fraud if they support EMVFalse. Beginning October 2015, either the issuer or merchant that is the cause of a contact chip
transaction not occurring will be financially liable for any resulting card present counterfeit
fraud losses. Lost and stolen card use is not applicable. The card brands also have differing exceptions and extra incentives to encourage adoption of EMV.

MasterCard requires hybrid EMV terminals (support of both contact and contactless interfaces) to qualify for all merchant incentives, which also include Account Data Compromise (ADC) and PCI audit relief.

Has your company suffered from card present losses due to counterfeit fraud? Do you have an older terminal that needs to be replaced? Then getting an EMV terminal obviously makes sense. Before choosing a new terminal, consult with an expert that will explore all causes of lost credit card disputes resulting in chargebacks. Ask how the solution will help with not only preventing losses from disputes, but how will it help with interchange management, the bulk of credit card processing fees reducing PCI compliance burden, and any other concerns.

What if your company hasn’t had any card present fraud problems? There’s still incentives to replace equipment. Consider consulting with an expert not associated with your merchant account for advice. Why? If the processor has limited options to offer, then you’ll only be advised on what their company sells, not what all the best choices are for your business.


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Verifone MX915 multilane signature capture terminal EMV POS solution

Verifone MX915 signature capture terminal

Verifone MX915 signature capture terminal.

CenPOS now supports the Verifone MX915 signature capture terminal with a variety of point of sale solutions. While most new terminals in the market are EMV ready, CenPOS is EMV live with this Verifone multilane terminal.

To boost EMV adoption, MasterCard offers incentives beyond the EMV liability shift.  To participate, merchants must deploy hybrid EMV terminals (support of both contact and contactless interfaces), and 75% of card present transactions must be on them .(reference MasterCard white paper http://www.mastercardadvisors.com/_assets/pdf/emv_us_aquirers.pdf)

The Verifone can be used standalone with a computer, high speed internet and the CenPOS virtual terminal, or integrated with POS systems, including open source ERP retail POS solutions like OpenBravo. Merchants desiring integrated connectors should contact 3D Merchant services; the connectors are generally not available in POS add-on marketplaces.

Why CenPOS?

  • Processor neutral
  • Least cost routing and interchange optimization reduces merchant fees
  • Reduce PCI Compliance burden
  • One gateway for all sales channels
  • Tokenization supported all sales channels, even retail and mobile
  • Level III processing in retail – if you have commercial account customers, this will save a bundle in fees
  • Scalable: Enterprise user and role management
  • Cloud based reporting for centralized accounting
  • Merchant defined risk & fraud management tools

Cheapest Multi-Lane Signature Capture Terminal Review L5200

multi-lane signature capture terminal l5200The Equinox L5200 is a reliable multi-lane terminal, and at a lower price than comparable Verifone and Ingenico signature capture terminals.

Over the years, our clients have used all the top three brands with varying reliability.  When buying a car, you can easily define good, better, best. That’s not so with multi-lane terminals.

Multi-Lane Differentiating Questions:

  • Will the unit fit in the space I have?
  • Do I have to get a stand for it?
  • Is the screen durable enough for my volume?
  • What is the cost of the extended warranty?
  • How long has it been in the market? (New product lines may have reliability problems.) Or, what’s been the reliability experience with similar customers?

The L5200 has a sister product, the L5300, which is basically the same product, but with a bigger screen. The L5200 is ideal for automotive, truck, distributors, business to business, and any retail locations desiring a reliable signature capture terminal, a small footprint, and not requiring an permanent stand.

Multi-lane Software: What will drive the units?

The L5200 can be used standalone with any virtual terminal that supports multi-lane, and with POS applications. For example, they can be used with CenPOS, a universal payment gateway with virtual terminal. Contact 3D Merchant Services for CenPOS connectors for open source ERP retail software such as OpenBravo.

CenPOS L5200 supported features include:

  • Contactless (NFC), including ApplePay, Google Wallet
  • P2PE (Point to Point encryption)
  • Pin debit
  • EMV ready (EMV certification imminent)


Payment and Merchant Services Sales: Critical Data Security Questions

locked file stored card dataSearching for the best credit card processing rates means sharing merchant statements and other information. If you’ve made the decision to share confidential data, do you automatically trust the person you’re giving it to has data security procedures in place, or do you ask questions? Salespeople in general  frequently work remotely from home offices, and the payments industry is no different. Sales training may be minimal. I would venture to guess that salesperson security compliance is on par with merchant PCI Compliance: data protection attempts are made, but are often incomplete.

A critical data security question for your sales contact is, “if I send you confidential data, can you explain your digital and paper file disposal policy?”

There’s only one answer for paper. The files must be cross cut shredded.

For electronic files, deleting them via default recycle bin (PC) or trash (Mac) is not enough. The files must be securely trashed. If files were deleted by accident via regular trash, the user needs to use secondary steps to securely erase files.

A salesperson who understands document security is far more likely to be in a position to help your business with other matters ranging from PCI Compliance to the best credit card processing rates.



Level III processing in Quickbooks

Woohoo! Finally, a solution for B2B merchants wanting level III processing for corporate, purchasing, and business cards.  With our connectors, Quickbooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise users can process transactions with a regular merchant account and have invoices marked as paid, avoiding double entry of payment processing outside Quickbooks.

interchange management

Automated interchange management combined with level III processing maximize merchant profits.

Example of a wew low interchange rate a merchant transaction qualified for.

Example of a wew low interchange rate a merchant transaction qualified for.

All payment activity is on a separate level 1 PCI compliant server, removing the application from scope for PCI compliance. Optional electronic bill presentment and payment is also available, including with level III processing.