Hosted Online Payment Solutions Australia

hosted epayments australia mapWhat companies offer hosted epayment solutions in Australia? For companies that want traditional merchant account vs 3rd parties like Paypal, the options are growing.

CenPOS*: Processor neutral, no new merchant account required. Provides hosted pay pages and other online payment choices worldwide processor choices vary by country, and include First Data, Paymentech, Vantiv, EPX and others. API’s for Integrations, including html5 are available. Infor ERP, (certain products), OpenBravo ERP,  Magento, PrestaShop, Woocommerce and Gravity Forms users can easily start using CenPOS omnichannel payment solutions.

eWAY: Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, UK: eWAY offers merchant services if merchant does not have compatible processor

Braintree: unknown requirements; supports multi-currency. Start-up small business benefits.

Paymate: Australia, New Zealand only. Paymate merchant account required.

* Supports level III processing, multi-currency

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CenPOS Signs Exclusive Agreement With Bank of The Bahamas

Miami, FL (PRWEB) January 28, 2015

CenPOS announced today that it has signed a mutually exclusive processing agreement and acquiring services with Bank of The Bahamas. The agreement covers the entire Commonwealth of The Bahamas and whereby Bank of The Bahamas will promote and rollout CenPOS’ suite of services to the business community throughout the country. These services include Mobile processing, Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment, integrated payment solutions, shopping carts, Point-to-Point encryption, tokenization, recurring billing, and Mobile Wallet. The CenPOS technology solution gives Bank of The Bahamas a significant competitive advantage in the Commonwealth as it covers a myriad of businesses ranging from the smallest to the largest billers in the country. Mobile Payments, ecommerce and Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment being the key drivers of this effort; thus, enabling the bank to easily provide payment acceptance services to merchants in the outer islands while mitigating risk and reducing merchant account acquisition costs.
“The Commonwealth of The Bahamas has one of the largest business communities in the Caribbean region in part due to the fact that The Bahamas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Therefore, it made strategic sense for CenPOS to cultivate a business relationship with a local acquirer that shared in our vision and was willing to embrace a technological change to create a difference in the market place,” commented Jorge Fernandez Chairman and Co-Founder of CenPOS. “We wanted to partner with a local Bahamian Bank that understood the local business needs and was willing to create their own blue ocean strategy through the adoption of CenPOS’s technology offering, ultimately making the competition irrelevant in the market place,” added Fernandez.
“Bank of The Bahamas is proud to partner with CenPOS to continue to be the leader in delivering cutting edge technological banking solutions to our customer,” stated Renee Davis, Acting Chief Operating Officer of Bank of The Bahamas.
About CenPOS
CenPOS is a merchant-centric, end-to-end payments engine that drives enterprise-class solutions for businesses, saving them time and money, while improving their customer engagement. CenPOS’ secure, cloud-based solution optimizes acceptance for all payment types across multiple channels without disrupting the merchant’s banking relationships. For additional information please call 877.630.7960.
About Bank of The Bahamas
BOB is a modern, full service bank with 13 branches in seven islands (Nassau, Grand Bahama, Andros, Cat Island Exuma, San Salvador and Inagua) and a long history of firsts in the local Banking Industry. The Bank caters to retail clients from all walks of life providing personal loans and mortgages as well as savings and chequing accounts, term deposits, money transfers, online banking and prepaid cards. Simultaneously, BOB’s Corporate and Commercial Department facilitates the financing and cash flow needs of the premier business establishments throughout the country. Since 2000 BOB’s Private Banking and Trust arm has also provided wealth services (estate planning, trust and corporate services) to local and international clients.



For sales and software integrations, contact Christine Speedy, authorized CenPOS global reseller. 954-942-0483

Sekure cost review, Sekure Card, Sekure Merchants Review

Merchant statement review

Merchant statement review, partial statement shown.

Did you get a call from for a merchant statement analysis? Read my research, which points out why I recommend merchants never give this company merchants statements or any other business information.

The company web site is here:, but they have more web sites with the same physical address.

Who is Sekure Cost Review? affiliated web sites:

    • Sekure Card Services –

    • Sekure Merchant Solutions

    • Sekure Careers – they hire telemarketers

The address is 1501 Broadway, 12th Floor, New York, NY.  The address is not a traditional office, but one where anyone can ‘rent space’ so that they have a ‘prestigious office address’. From, “This modern, professional business center offers companies a prestigious corporate address right at the heart of Times Square on bustling Broadway, your clients won’t help to be impressed.”

US Business Affiliation?: There’s no business registered in NYS with any of the business names in the domains above. Further, past employees report that the company is actually based in Montreal Canada, even though they called exclusively on US based businesses.  “When I can’t find a business registered with the state their supposedly affiliated with, I won’t do business with them,” says Christine Speedy, 3D Merchant Services.

The Sekure Cost Review sales pitch:

The caller said that she was providing a free cost review “funded by major banks, processors” and others in the industry. That perked my ears. Who was paying for it?  I wasn’t able to get a straight answer other than the big banks etc and they may change from time to time. “Are you a processor or ISO?” “No, we’re a broker. We save you…” . I asked it they were a lead generation company for processors? “No.”  From my research and industry knowledge, in my opinion, they’re conducting lead generation which they then send to ISO’s, or independent sales organizations, and then they get paid for deals. That’s pretty common.

The pitch is that by providing merchant statements they’ll give a side by side comparison so that I could see if I was getting gouged. No obligation.

Statement reviews are a good idea. and affiliated web sites highlight four items about their business:

  1. BBB reputation: USA media has proven there’s little value in a BBB reputation since companies can BUY their reputation, and there’s no verification. (See 20/20 report among others.) All sites link to Sekure Merchant Solutions, a company potentially not even legally registered in NYS. Additionally, there are 32 complaints, and while nearly all were resolved, this number is much higher than companies in the same industry that are bigger by volume processed and number of merchants served.
  2. Low cost rates: The web cites $30M/mth and the phone called cited $40M/mth in transaction volume as the reason for their great rates. In my opinion, while it’s not insignificant, companies with $100M/mth or more are far more likely to have better options.
  3. POS: Reprogram or Free terminal. Free terminals are nearly always bad because the money has to be made up somewhere. That means possibly older but PCI compliant equipment, but more likely higher fees to cover the initial outlay, or long term contracts with heavy contract dissolution fees to get out of them.  All merchant agreements include future fee increase clause so at some point you’ll pay a lot more for free equipment.
  4. Sample Review: Looks like a pretty typical side by side review that takes the same transactions at the same interchange qualification and applies a different discount rate. Rate comparisons can be a terrible way to make merchant process choices.
    • Interchange management can reduce fees from .10% to over 1%.  That’s above and beyond any discount fee negotiation. There’s a bottom to discount fee negotiation- then what will you do to reduce fees?
    • Improved productivity can increase EBITDA significantly
    • Reduced PCI compliance burden increases productivity in other areas of business

    Bottom line: As processor profits are narrowed, the bigger merchant savings comes from better interchange rate qualification in addition to efficiency improvements and reduced PCI Compliance burden.


Allied Memberships:  What does ‘allied’ mean? It does not mean an endorsement. For example, the NRF offers Retail, Service Provider, and University memberships. The only membership qualifies for is Service Provider.  I didn’t find their company in any of the online buying guides. That doesn’t mean they’re not a member, just not in any area I searched online.

Is a scam or legit?

They may or may not provide a valuable service to some merchants, but the negatives far outweigh the positives. Sharing highly confidential information in a world of escalating identity theft is just not worth the risk.

What’s the alternative?  Just about anyone can provide a statement review. Find someone that knows about your industry and asks questions about your business without sharing merchant statements. It takes more time and expertise to get through these steps, but it’s a lot safer. Avoid choosing any vendor that has a web site without identifying an owner or single person by name. Look up the salesperson on linkedin.

See Christine Speedy on Linkedin and see Christine Speedy on 3D Merchant Services.

How long is a credit card authorization valid for?

The short answer is, all preauthorizations, expire within 24 hours for swiped transactions and 3 business days for non-swiped card-not-present transactions. Preauthorizations are an ‘open to buy’ hold on a customer credit card. While merchants can still settle transactions after an expired authorization, it impacts fees and chargeback risk from disputes. This answer addresses manufacturers,  distributors, and business to business companies that process orders with future deliveries, some that can take days, weeks, or even months.*

“Authorizations and preauthorizations are commonly misunderstood”, according to Christine Speedy, 3D Merchant sales. “Merchants frequently say, ‘I’ve never had a problem settling a transaction that was more than 5 days in the past’. That’s true, but the downside is cost and risk management. In order to qualify for the lowest merchant fees for any transaction type, merchants must have a valid authorization. Additionally, if there’s a dispute, without a valid authorization, the risk of loss is significantly higher.”

Since it’s inefficient and nearly impossible for merchants to manage identifying when authorizations have expired for open buys, or when related rules change, a rules-based cloud payment system is critical. With automation to manage proper authorization and settlement, merchants will reduce merchant fees with any merchant account, and reduce risk.

CenPOS is a merchant centric payment platform that solves this and other complex credit card processing problems. Sales Christine Speedy 954-942-0483.


Credit Card Processing in a Power Outage – Disaster Planning

Power outages have begun as a result of Blizzard Juno. While merchants and consumers should be home at this time, when the snow is done and people emerge to shop again, how will businesses manage accepting credit cards? The critical issues are power, telephone and internet access. Small to medium, and local retail businesses may especially lack the proper preparation.

“Sometimes a disaster is not the physical environment, but POS systems themselves,” according to Christine Speedy, a payments professional based in Florida. “A couple months ago, a client called because their 3rd party POS system went down and they were told it would be four hours before someone could bring a part to them. Luckily they had a plan B, which was to use our CenPOS mobile app with swiper that I’d recommended for hurricane season.

Backup internet access is critical:  Having multiple internet access methods is optimal so if one is down, there’s another option. For example, phone service may be down, but high speed cable internet up, or vice versa. It’s rare that phone, wireless phone and cable internet are all down at the same time.

Backup power:  How will you power devices, computers, lighting? A separate battery backup for computers can Power to recharge devices as well as power the store lights etc

Separate Point of Sale System (POS) from payments. If you can’t power your POS system, at least make sure you can accept credit card payments. Here’s some options to accept payments in a critical outage:

  • Call to a location in an unaffected area, and have someone key enter transactions into a virtual terminal. Have duplicate receipts ready for signature, and enter authorization code instead of imprinting card numbers.
  • Swipe on a mobile device
  • Call to a location in an unaffected area, and have someone send an einvoice to click and pay.
  • Text amount due and cell phone number of buyer to a location in an unaffected area, and have someone send an einvoice to click and pay.
  • Have an online pay page ready that you can refer customers to.

There’s lots of ways to be prepared, from keeping P2P encrypted card readers on hand to holding drills during slow times to test systems and readiness.

Paper backup plan: A backup plan in a computer is not very helpful if no one can turn the computer on to see the plan. Store the backup plan in notebooks in multiple locations, including off site.

Need a mobile reader as a backup? Ask about our P2P readers to ensure they’re safe and secure until you need them.