merchant bulletins – downloads

Download Visa and MasterCard critical bulletins (PDF), last updated Spring 2017.  Many of these bulletins only change every year or two. Subscribe to our newsletter for announcements of card brand updates.


MasterCard Acceptance Rules (PDF) download from MasterCard site. See all MasterCard Rules (link)

Visa Core Rules and Visa Product and Service Rules  PDF download from Visa site.  Part of Visa International Operating Guidelines. Over 800 pages of information including comprehensive dispute and chargeback information for merchants.

American Express Merchant Policy Guide (link to site)

Payments Fraud Liability Matrix [pdf], April 2016 Federal Reserve (Checks and Credit Cards) TIP- it’s a neat reference, but outdated almost the minute it went to print. When acquirers are liable, they pass it on to merchants.

MasterCard EMV Guiding Principles for Acquirers – even though not directed at merchants, very insightful

MasterCard Future Payments Guide

MasterCard Chargeback Guide

Visa Data Security Alerts, Bulletins & Webinars

Chargeback Management Guidelines for Visa Merchants

Card Acceptance Guidelines for Visa Merchants

Visa EMV Overview

Visa Interlink Operating Regulations – currently unavailable 11/2015

Visa and Mastercard Interchange Rates


First Data Integrated Partner Solutions EMV certified list Certified and Capable are different- currently unavailable 11/2015

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Download library

Visa comprehensive download library (official site) includes:

E-Commerce Merchants’ Guide to Risk Management – currently unavailable 11/2015

PCI Data Security Standard OFFICIAL WEB SITE

3D Merchant Newsletters

3d merchant news cover EMV, PCI Compliance 3.0, mitigating losses from card not present fraud January 2016

March 2011 3D Merchant and CenPOS newsletter on mobile payments, ACH, and check processing.


3d merchant news cover 3D Merchant news ISSUE 4, 2010: PCI DSS Compliance, Tokenization & recurring billing, Preventing Credit Card Fraud. (PDF download 2.8 mb)

3d merchant news cover 3D Merchant news ISSUE 3, 2010: May Madness follows April price increases, Data Security- PCI Compliance, Internal Fraud Prevention, PCI Compliance fees. (PDF download 2 mb)