Payware PC End of Life and Replacement Options

Like PCCharge® Software end of life, Verifone also announced the official End Of Life for PAYware PC in May 2015. Company’s that have PC based payment solutions are quickly shutting them down in order to move to cloud based payment gateways, supporting a wider array of newer technology and compliance needs, including EMV.

What does Payware PC end of life mean?

Product development has ended. Verifone has a timeline to stop selling and stop supporting Payware PC. The product owner does not have to immediately change, but should review the timeline and consequences for future business decisions.

PAYware PC Key Dates:

  • Final Order Date: After May 22, 2015, Verifone will no longer take orders for new PAYware PC licenses for new customers. Existing customers may elect to purchase new MID/TIDs or add on services to existing licenses through September 24, 2015.
  • Final Shipment Date: After May 29, 2015, Verifone will no longer ship orders for new PAYware PC licenses. Verifone will ship to existing customers electing to purchase new MID/TIDs or add on services to existing licenses (as set forth above) no later than October 1, 2015.
  • End of Development Date: Effective immediately, there will be no new Verifone sponsored software development with respect to PAYware PC.
  • End of Support Date: Effective October 1, 2015, subject to the following paragraph, Verifone will no longer provide support for PAYware PC. Until October 1, 2015, support will be limited to phone troubleshooting and suggested changes to configurations or third party components in PAYware PC; support will not extend to product code changes.

“This is an ideal time to examine long term omnichannel payment needs to avoid transitioning to other outdated technology,” according to Christine Speedy, a cloud payments expert. “At their core, all payment gateways enable merchants to process web based transactions securely with cloud solutions. Beyond that, there are many differences, and even bleeding edge solutions could lead to further disruption, if the new technology disappears when ideas don’t catch on or venture capital dries up.”


Is 3-D Secure (Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure) for card not present transactions supported?
Does it have any EMV certifications? If not, what is the roap map time frame? (note- EMV certified is not the same as EMV ready or EMV capable)
Is the gateway processor neutral to provide maximum financial flexibility? (Critical for integrations.)
If business to business, for which sales channels does the gateway support level III processing? (mobile, retail, EBPP, kiosk, online payments, ecommerce, other) Can the user bypass submitting level III data on eligible transactions?
Is ACH supported? (If no, this is a red flag as lagging in innovation.)
What type of audit trail is available for PCI 3.0? How long is the data accessible?

CenPOS differentiator examples:

  • Level III processing all sales channels, even retail
  • Least cost routing and interchange management reduces merchant fees
  • US EMV certified signature capture terminals today, including Verifone MX915; works with your processor and a secure web page, or mobile app or integrated solution
  • Available in over 100 countries

Do you need a new payment gateway for your application? Or to replace your Payware PC account? CenPOS is a flexible omnichannel gateway with EMV, 3-D Secure, tokenization, and Level III processing. CenPOS solutions, including virtual terminal, mobile, and electronic bill presentment and payment, can significantly impact EBITDA, PCI Compliance, and efficiencies. Contact Christine Speedy at 954-942-0483 for integrations and new accounts.