Ingenico ISC 250 PCI PTS v3 and v4 End of Life

Ingenico announced end of life for the ISC 250 with PCI PTS v3 and v4 in March of 2019. This has not stopped companies from selling them, however, due to the PCI PTS expiration in April 2021, merchants who use them would not be able to prove PCI compliance in the event of a data breach.

Did you know terminals have their own Payment Card Industry or PCI certification? The standards are part of the overall merchant requirements to maintain the security of cardholder data. Those rules change over time and a bunch of Ingenico equipment recently expired, including the popular ISC250 lane terminal.

Ingenico issued end of life notifications on their PCI PTS 3 range of payment devices in compliance with the PCI Security Standards Council PCI 3 expiration date of April 30, 2020, which was extended to April 30, 2021 due to Covid. Often merchants will get notifications like this from their acquirer on their merchant statement.

Which Ingenico terminals are impacted?

  • iSC Touch 480 PCI-PTS v3/4 model
  • iSC Touch 250 PCI-PTS v3/4 model
  • iPP320 PCI-PTS v4
  • iPP350 PCI-PTS v4
  • This list does not include all devices! Merchants should check with their providers especially if using a non-EMV device or if you were an early EMV chip adopter.
ingenico isc250 signature capture terminal
Ingenico isc250

What does End of Life mean?

(PCI) PIN Transaction Security (PTS) v3 expires April 30, 2021.

(PCI) PIN Transaction Security (PTS) v4 expires April 30, 2023.

PCI PTS v5 expires April 30, 2026.

Are merchants PCI Compliant if they continue to use PCI 3 terminals after April 2021? The PCI Council urges but does not mandate merchants use approved PTS devices in their payment environments. However, in our experience, between payment brand and acquirer requirements, merchants generally need to use only approved PTS devices or risk getting shut down. Research expiration dates of terminals on the PCI Council web site. I’d be concerned about liability and the ability to prove PCI compliance, especially in the event of a data breach. If security vulnerabilities or exploits are identified by processors after April 2021, and you’re using the terminals, who’s to say when or even if a solution could be found to fix it?

How disruptive would it be for your business to have to shut down using them and get another solution? There are always people who procrastinate making changes. And when something goes wrong, phone calls to processors explode, so change is usually not as swift as you’d like.

Note, only employees and PCI QIR certified individuals can install or touch your credit card terminals. Terminals are one of the most important factors determining rates you pay and chargeback risk. Why? Call now to learn more. This is the perfect time for an external account review by a payments expert.

TIP for Christine Speedy Ingenico ISC250 customers: If you were an early adopter and had your terminals deployed prior to the EMV chip liability shift in October 2015, there’s no need to check part numbers; They need to be replaced. Please contact me directly to consult on replacement options.

Call Christine Speedy , PCI QIR certified, for new PCI 5 terminals, technology review and or merchant account review to maximize profits and improve your customer experience. 954-942-0483, 9-5 ET

How to fix Ingenico ISC250 Lane Closed ?

ingenico ISC250 & isc350 reset

Ingenico isc250 EMV chip and pin signature capture terminal.

The Ingenico ISC 250 touch and ISC 350 terminals will have a message ‘lane closed’ when not in use. To be more clear, the Ingenico terminals are slaves to software that tells them what to do. So the user must be logged into their point of sale (POS) solution, integrated software, or virtual terminal that drives the terminal.

If you’re logged in and click on SALE and the terminal still says lane closed, you need to do some troubleshooting. Is the terminal properly connected to the PC or device driving it? If this is a terminal that was previously known to be working, try swapping cables with another if available.

CenPOS users call support with your CenPOS MID at 877-630-7960. If you’re a user, you’ll know it. For everyone else, if you still have a problem, contact your IT department, Point of Sale solutions provider or whoever sold you terminals. 3D Merchant does not provide technical support to merchants using other companies business solutions so please do not open chat asking for help with your LANE CLOSED problem. We do not maintain a list of support numbers for retail solutions providers, equipment resellers, or anyone else who you may need to contact. If you’re open to changing vendors so you can improve your customer support or any other needs, then feel free to contact us.

For PCI Compliance, only PCI Council QIR certified professionals are allowed to touch or install terminals for level 4 merchants. Do not allow unauthorized outside vendors to physically touch your terminals.

PCI Alert: Some versions of Ingenico ISC 250 & 350 EMV terminals will be expiring April 2019. They’re not upgradeable and will need to be replaced. Hint: If you see cheap terminals for sale online, they’re probably expiring.

3D Merchant Services provides payment processing technology merchants need to drive Ingenico and other EMV chip terminals, with full cashiering, and without the need to purchase any additional POS software. The credit card processing terminals can be operated with a secure virtual terminal or with integrated solutions that keep merchant POS applications out of scope for PA DSS. Many recent merchant data breaches have occurred from applications that were in scope for PA DSS. By segregating payments from POS applications, merchants can increase security while reducing compliance burden. Merchants have the option for point to point encrypted (P2PE) terminals and solution or optional Validated P2PE service; the latter requires extra steps for merchants and significantly reduces PCI compliance burden with an SAQ that’s about 90% shorter.

Call Christine Speedy, PCI Council QIR certified, to purchase terminals and retail solutions, 954-942-0483, 9-5 ET. CenPOS authorized reseller based out of South Florida and NY. CenPOS is an integrated commerce technology platform driving innovative, omnichannel solutions tailored to meet a merchant’s market needs. Providing a single point of integration, the CenPOS platform combines payment, commerce and value-added functionality enabling merchants to transform their commerce experience, eliminate the need to manage complex integrations, reduce the burden of accepting payments and create deeper customer relationships.

Vantiv US EMV certified terminal solutions

Which US EMV certified terminals can be used with Vantiv today? Merchants have two choices, countertop terminal or multilane terminal. The latter is available only with CenPOS, a merchant centric end to end payment engine. On October 1, 2015, retail merchants that don’t support chip cards will be liable for counterfeit credit card fraud.

Vantiv announced a partnership with Ingenico in 2013, to distribute Ingenico EMV ready terminals. While Vantiv did not specifically state which terminals would be certified, the official PR from Ingenico includes, “The portfolio of Ingenico EMV certified devices includes iCT220 & iCT250 countertop terminals, and iWL220 wireless terminal.”

ict250 ingenico emv terminal

iCT250 ingenico emv terminal

To enable EMV at the merchant level, the following steps are needed:

  • Acquirer completes requirements to process EMV
  • Hardware (each terminal) certified to accept EMV
  • Hardware certified to acquirer
  • Gateway certifies hardware to acquirer (if applicable; required for all multi-lane terminals and integrated solutions)
  • Merchant account enabled for EMV

In May 2015, Vantiv announced, “Ingenico Group Adds Vantiv’s EMV-certified Application to Smart Terminals for Small- and Medium-sized Businesses“. Because every terminal is to individually certified, it’s unclear which terminals have been certified to date since they’re not specified, but the iCT250 is definitely on the list.

With CenPOS, Vantiv merchants can also use the Verifone MX 915, a multilane, signature capture terminal, and enable EMV immediately. To process transactions, merchants use a virtual terminal with a web browser and high speed internet, or optional integrated solution. Additional multi-lane terminal options will be available in the future, including the Ingenico ISC250.

verifone MX915 EMV terminal

Verifone MX915 multilane signature capture terminal

CenPOS is a merchant-centric, end-to-end payments engine that drives enterprise-class solutions for businesses, saving them time and money, while improving their customer engagement. CenPOS’ secure, cloud-based solution optimizes acceptance for all payment types across multiple channels without disrupting the merchant’s banking relationships. CenPOS is available globally. For additional information, contact Christine Speedy, 954-942-0483.

Apple Pay EMV Ready Terminal Ad Review

applepay emv terminal

Apple Pay EMV terminal advertisement.

I received this attractive ad today in an email. At first glance, it looks like an Apple offer, but the fine print below says “Apple does not sponsor, endorse or promote this offer. 
Apple Pay is currently available only in the United States.” Let’s review the ad and the landing page at

The merchant fees advertised by Total Merchant Services, a First Data ISO, are 1.59% plus $.19 per transaction. The fine print of the offer is not shown. However, this type of offer is for ‘bundled’ pricing. That means it starts at a low retail swipe rate for certain cards, but other types of cards and key entered transactions will be at a much higher rate to achieve the desired profit margins. Nothing wrong with making a profit, but this type of plan is only suitable for certain small retail businesses because bundled pricing always costs more than interchange plus pricing. Additionally, they’ll need to recoup the cost of the free terminal either through a long term contract or high profit margins or both.

The ad message is clear that your business needs to be ready for EMV Compliance and buying this terminal will get you there.  While the terminal is EMV ready, as of today, the unit has not been EMV certified on First Data. Since they’re promoting it, someone is probably working on the certification, but for now, the terminal is EMV capable, or in their words “EMV Compliant”.

“YOU will be RESPONSIBLE for CREDIT CARD FRAUD if you do not have an EMV-compliant terminal by October 2015.” Beginning October 2015, either the issuer or merchant that is the cause of a contact chip transaction not occurring will be financially liable for any resulting card present counterfeit fraud losses. Lost and stolen card use is not applicable for Visa, but is applicable for MasterCard. The card brands also have differing exceptions and extra incentives to encourage adoption of EMV. Refer to EMV deadline misinformation is rampant for more information.

apple payIs it an Apple Pay Terminal? That’s just sales jargon. The terminal supports NFC or ‘contactless’ payments, including Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Ingenico iCT250 emv terminal

Ingenico iCT250 emv capable countertop terminal.

Note, the iPhone and iWatch are not included and it’s not a mobile terminal. The Apple products shown are items that consumers can use to make payments with Apple Pay.

In summary, nice ad, and easy way for small businesses to update their terminal with a quality brand. If you like their deal, I’ll match any offer they make – and offer an additional incentive- because I know it’s going to be profitable!

My core customers process over one million annually; They’re not required to change processors and this isn’t the solution I’d recommend for them.



How do I reset Ingenico ISC 250 or 350 terminal?

ingenico ISC250 & isc350 reset

Ingenico isc250 signature capture terminal.

To reset your Ingenico ISC 250 touch or ISC 350 terminalshold down the minus and yellow clear button at the same time. Unplugging the terminal and replugging while connected to a power source is not recommended and doing so may corrupt the pin debit key, requiring a new key encryption injection.

3D Merchant Services provides payment processing technology for merchants to run Ingenico and other signature capture terminals, without specialized POS software. The credit card processing terminals can be operated with our secure virtual terminal or with integrated solutions that can keep merchant POS applications out of scope for PA DSS. Many recent merchant data breaches have occurred from applications that were in scope for PA DSS. By segregating payments from POS applications, merchants can increase security while reducing compliance burden.