Ingenico ISC 250 PCI PTS v3 and v4 End of Life

Ingenico announced end of life for the ISC 250 with PCI PTS v3 and v4 in March of 2019. This has not stopped companies from selling them, however, due to the PCI PTS expiration in April 2021, merchants who use them would not be able to prove PCI compliance in the event of a data breach.

Did you know terminals have their own Payment Card Industry or PCI certification? The standards are part of the overall merchant requirements to maintain the security of cardholder data. Those rules change over time and a bunch of Ingenico equipment recently expired, including the popular ISC250 lane terminal.

Ingenico issued end of life notifications on their PCI PTS 3 range of payment devices in compliance with the PCI Security Standards Council PCI 3 expiration date of April 30, 2020, which was extended to April 30, 2021 due to Covid. Often merchants will get notifications like this from their acquirer on their merchant statement.

Which Ingenico terminals are impacted?

  • iSC Touch 480 PCI-PTS v3/4 model
  • iSC Touch 250 PCI-PTS v3/4 model
  • iPP320 PCI-PTS v4
  • iPP350 PCI-PTS v4
  • This list does not include all devices! Merchants should check with their providers especially if using a non-EMV device or if you were an early EMV chip adopter.
ingenico isc250 signature capture terminal
Ingenico isc250

What does End of Life mean?

(PCI) PIN Transaction Security (PTS) v3 expires April 30, 2021.

(PCI) PIN Transaction Security (PTS) v4 expires April 30, 2023.

PCI PTS v5 expires April 30, 2026.

Are merchants PCI Compliant if they continue to use PCI 3 terminals after April 2021? The PCI Council urges but does not mandate merchants use approved PTS devices in their payment environments. However, in our experience, between payment brand and acquirer requirements, merchants generally need to use only approved PTS devices or risk getting shut down. Research expiration dates of terminals on the PCI Council web site. I’d be concerned about liability and the ability to prove PCI compliance, especially in the event of a data breach. If security vulnerabilities or exploits are identified by processors after April 2021, and you’re using the terminals, who’s to say when or even if a solution could be found to fix it?

How disruptive would it be for your business to have to shut down using them and get another solution? There are always people who procrastinate making changes. And when something goes wrong, phone calls to processors explode, so change is usually not as swift as you’d like.

Note, only employees and PCI QIR certified individuals can install or touch your credit card terminals. Terminals are one of the most important factors determining rates you pay and chargeback risk. Why? Call now to learn more. This is the perfect time for an external account review by a payments expert.

TIP for Christine Speedy Ingenico ISC250 customers: If you were an early adopter and had your terminals deployed prior to the EMV chip liability shift in October 2015, there’s no need to check part numbers; They need to be replaced. Please contact me directly to consult on replacement options.

Call Christine Speedy , PCI QIR certified, for new PCI 5 terminals, technology review and or merchant account review to maximize profits and improve your customer experience. 954-942-0483, 9-5 ET

Mastercard Lane and Unique Terminal Identification (TID) Mandate

The Mastercard Unique Terminal ID mandate is another attempt to stem and more quickly identify fraud at merchants using integrated retail point of sale solutions. This mandate was announced back in 2013, and requires unique terminal identifiers for each independent card reading device at a single location, not to be confused with the acquiring TID.

Effective January 1, 2017, merchants who do not adhere to the MasterCard Unique Terminal ID mandate will fall into a status of noncompliance. Fines for non-compliance go into effect December 31, 2017. Multiple card-reading devices, such as PIN pads and terminals, connected to a single host terminal are each required to have a Unique Device ID to remain compliant and avoid potential fines from Mastercard.

MasterCard Fines will be assessed for each transaction that violates this mandate.

If you do not regularly update your POS software, as is also required for PCI Compliance, you’re probably not compliant. with MasterCard and may be fined. Action: contact your POS provider for further information. Read your merchant statement messages for these and other critical alerts.

Chip-enabled point of sale system American Express Reward

american express reward emvI just received email saying I qualified for the Chip-enabled point of sale system terminal rebate program. With the April 30 deadline approaching, American Express is being proactive. I don’t actually qualify because I don’t have a retail store. If I tried to collect later, it would be denied because they verify the type of merchant account you have, and mine is ecommerce.

emv smart card

EMV chip smart card.

VX520 emv NFC verifone terminalCheck out our Chip-enabled point of sale terminal buyers guide.

Hypercom T7 Plus $69 sale

The Hypercom T7Plus is a diehard credit card terminal. With supplies nearly gone, prices are discounted heavily.  Now priced at $69 with a new merchant account, as long as supplies last.  It’s probably one of the most popular terminals ever made because of it’s reliability.

hypercom t7p hypercom t7plus 1 MB

Price is for the newer 1 MB model shown on far right.

Is this the right terminal for you? Choose if this is your situation:

  • Small business with retail swipe transactions
  • You need a solution to hold you over for less than 3 years
  • You’re cash short and just need something
  • You want a back up for other units you already have

Do not choose if this is your situation:

  • Key enter transactions only  (Choose one of our computer based virtual terminals instead, and never pay for hardware again.)
  • Process more than $50,000/mth. (Call for one of our solutions that provides more merchant value- protecting against internal and external fraud, reduces credit card processing costs with any processor automatically etc)


This item is not for sale with your existing merchant account. Other terminals are available to use with your existing merchant account. Call for advice.

Read about the Hypercom T7Plus end of life.