Microsoft Dynamics AX Shift4 vs CenPOS

Looking for Microsoft Dynamics AX PCI Compliant payment gateway solutions? CenPOS crushes Shift4 for business to business payment solutions impacting profits and cash flow. Open new markets with payment guarantee, get paid faster, pay less to process credit cards, and reconcile wire transfer payments easier with CenPOS.

Level 3 Processing Retail No Yes
Level 3 Processing MOTO No Yes
Level 3 Processing Ecommerce No Yes
US EMV First Data, Paymentech Yes- certified solutions for First Data, Paymentech & all major processors; multiple terminal options
Cardholder Authentication- Payment Guarantee No Yes
Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment No Yes
Treasury Management No Yes
Check/ ACH Check yes; ACH? Yes
Wire Transfer No Yes

Shift4 Data Source:

CenPOS can be used standalone or integrated. For CenPOS pricing, Dynamics AX module and other integrated solutions, contact Christine Speedy.


Bin Management – Shift4 vs CardSense vs CenPOS

What is bin management software, or bin spinning? How does bin management differ from interchange optimization with least cost routing? Shift4’s Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®), Element’s CardSense™, and CenPOS’s end to end payment engine have different approaches to helping merchants reduce credit card processing fees. Bin management requires a hosted, server-based payment gateway.

Identifying BIN numbers is a challenge due to multiple resources to obtain and maintain the data, which is in a constant state of flux. Card issuers refer to the leading six digits on the card as an “issuer identification number (IIN)”, or “bank identification number (BIN)”. All BIN’s have a sponsor bank. Interchange fees, the bulk of credit card processing fees are related to the BIN. The BIN number identifies the card brand (Visa, MasterCard etc), card issuing bank, type of card (debit or credit), category of card (business, purchasing, prepaid, etc), and country of origin, in addition to other data. 

Is pin debit or signature debit cheaper? Cashiers were trained to ask “will that be credit or debit?” years ago when there was a significant cost differential between signature debit and pin debit. After the Durbin Amendment became law, about 70% of debit cards now carry the same cost of .05% and $.22 per transaction, but there’s still advantages to routing transactions:

  • Pin debit has a 14 day dispute period vs 120 days for signature debit
  • Dues and association fees are not applicable for pin debit
  • For cards that don’t fall under the big bank rules of fixed .05%, fees vary depending on the transaction routing; there’s a threshold where it’s cheaper to process as signature vs pin debit.

All three gateways enable merchants to manage the threshold and can communicate with a terminal to prompt the customer in the optimal way for the merchant.

Shift4 vs CardSense vs CenPOS retail debit card bin management

Element PS CardSense BIN management service allows merchants to differentiate between credit, PIN-debit, prepaid, and FSA/HSA cards, and then business management software then allows the merchant to decide how to process the transaction: as a PIN debit, prepaid debit or a healthcare card; merchants are directed to the API for POS integration. To use CardSense, merchants must have an Element PS merchant account, and an API is available to integrate to their POS.

Shift4 identifies card type as debit or credit, then based on merchant defined threshold, prompts the customer the preferred way – signature or pin- to process the debit transaction. To use Shift4 for retail, merchants can use the virtual terminal with any merchant account, or integrate with a POS system.

CenPOS identifies card type as debit or credit, then based on merchant defined threshold, prompts the customer the preferred way – signature or pin- to process the debit transaction; additionally, using proprietary least cost routing technology, CenPOS dynamically routes the transaction to the lowest cost debit network (Star, Pulse, Internlink etc), if applicable. To use CenPOS for retail, merchants use the virtual terminal with any merchant account, or integrated with a POS system.

Shift4 vs CardSense vs CenPOS retail credit card bin management

There’s no public information that Shift4 or CardSense offer additional bin management beyond debit. CenPOS retail bin management also supports all commercial cards, including corporate, purchasing, and business cards. CenPOS has uniquely certified their gateway for retail level III processing, significantly reducing interchange fees for eligible cards.  For example, a $7,500 building supply sale could be reduced from 2.65% + $.10 to 1.20% + $40.00. Unlike pin debit, which prompts customers for action, level III prompts cashiers for action, and dependent upon merchant rules, cannot be bypassed.

Cash management optimization

CenPOS’s patented optimization of payment processing encompasses many elements to help merchants mitigate risk and increase profit margins. CenPOS products use merchant preferences and transaction profiles to manage the expense of payment interchange and provide a method for electronically delivering coupons. Using this technology, businesses can accept any form of payment via websites, store fronts, call centers, and mobile applications to improve customer engagement and simplify reconciliation. The intelligent system closely manages the full lifecycle of each transaction and utilizes advanced risk management and proprietary transaction routing to reduce the total cost of payment acceptance.

In summary, bin management is a host-based solution to help merchants reduce merchant fees and mitigate dispute or ‘chargeback’ risk. It’s a step above countertop terminal capabilities, but limited in impact since debit fees became regulated. CenPOS’s cash management optimization of payment processing is a powerful system empowering merchants to control profit margins across all sales channels.

Disclaimer: Shift4 and Element PS information is based upon publicly available information as of this date. The CenPOS information herein is not all inclusive.

Credit card processing for Shift4 customers

We frequently encounter companies in the hospitality industry using Shift4 software, that could significantly benefit from our FPS payment processing services. There’s no need to change what’s working for you. You can enjoy all the benefits of Shift4 and additionally benefit from our expertise in the payment processing industry.

It’s rare that we find a shift4 customer (personally, I haven’t see one yet) that would not receive immediate financial savings with our help. There are two specific critical issues:
1. Chargeback management
2. Better price plan

It’s not just a matter of one company matching a specific offer by another. We have specific industry expertise to help you permanently control your credit card processing costs. And the best part? There is no cost to you! Even if there is a fee for a software update, you’ll recoup that fee and more in the first month.

You may think this article is a bit vague, but we do have to keep some secrets from the internet to maintain our competitive edge. When you share some of your information (who you are, merchant statements) we promise to share some of our information – specific enough for you to act on.

Shift4 Releases Payment Data Security Strategy Podcast to Simplify PCI

Las Vegas, Nevada (December 17, 2008) – Shift4 Corporation, a supplier of secure payment processing services, today announced the availability of a podcast titled, “Trying to Protect Payment Data When You Can’t Even Find It All.”

The objective of the podcast was to generate a meaningful conversation between two leading payment card authorities, David Talyor, founder of the PCI Knowledge Base and former security analyst with Gartner, and J.D. Oder, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Shift4 Corporation.

The podcast discusses Card Information Replacement Technologiessm (CIRT) and how retailers effectively evaluate alternative payment security solutions. “The goal is that if they don’t have it (payment data) then it can’t be stolen. I think the key here is to look at this as a very, very corporate-wide systemic approach and look at all of the data that you’re storing including payment data,” stated in the podcast by J.D. Oder, CTO, Shift4.

The podcast also discusses how an Information Technology department can regain control of their most sensitive data. As David Taylor stated, “The less storage you put in the hands of individual employees, the less likely they are to be able to put data in a whole bunch of places, whether that’s USB sticks or on their PCs or in their email messages that are sitting on their servers. What we really need to do is look at how we reduce the volume of data that is all over the place. Finding and purging it is a necessary thing.”

“Shift4’s podcast produced in partnership with StorefrontBacktalk reflects our commitment to helping merchants learn how they can simplify PCI and achieve Real Security for their payment systems. CIRT, such as Tokenization and Shift4’s PABP compliant 4Go SafeSwipeâ„¢, are complementary to the objectives of the PCI DSS. If implemented properly, these solutions relieve merchants from the burden of storing, processing and transmitting cardholder data. In most cases it is not necessary for merchants to replace their legacy systems in order to utilize Shift4’s Technologies. In this economic climate, Real Security and direct cost savings are equally important to our customers,“ said Randy Carr, Vice President of Marketing, Shift4 Corporation.
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