Duplicate Transaction Settlement Error

Authorize.Net experienced an issue during a system update on October 17th that caused a subset of previously settled transactions from September to be sent for settlement again between October 17th and 18th. This issue is no longer occurring.

Authorize.Net is currently working to address any duplicate transactions in order to resolve the duplicate funding to merchants and potential duplicate transactions to their customers. We have already contacted your affected merchants and will continue to do so as we have updates.

If your merchants contact you about this issue, please advise them to NOT take any action on these transactions while we work to address them.

We will follow up with you with any further information, including information on potential reimbursements, as it becomes available.

To locate these transactions, please have your merchants follow these steps:
Log into the Merchant Interface at
Click Search from the main toolbar.
Click Search by Batch from the menu on the left.
Select October 18 and October 17 in the From and To drop-down boxes in the Settlement Date section.
Click Search.
Any impacted transactions will have a Submit Date from September 20-25.

We apologize for this error and any inconvenience it may have caused. If you have any questions regarding this email, please contact support.



Blogger Note: While uncommon, duplicate transaction and duplicate settlement issues do happen. They can emanate from anywhere in the transaction chain, though the payment gateway, or payment processor are likely more common causes. Because of that, merchants are advised to do nothing and the party that caused the problem usually reverses all the errors on behalf of merchants, typically within a day or two. and level 3 processing for business to business

The virtual terminal is expensive for business to business merchants, even though rates seem cheap. That’s because ® only supports level III data for certain integrated solutions, leaving B2B companies out of luck qualifying for the lowest interchange rates for corporate, business and purchasing cards. Payment Gateway Rates

  • $49 set up
  • $25 /month
  • $.10 per transaction
  • $.10 daily batch
  • Additional services which used to be extra, are now free: Automated Recurring Billing, Advanced Fraud Detection Suite TM, Customer Information Manager (subscription management).

level 3 interchange ratesNot shown above: Data Rate III large ticket ($10,000 minimum) Level 1 rate is 1.20% and $40, up to Level 4, 1.51% and $40. MasterCard Cardholder Spending Requirements for Small Business Products: Business Level 1 – $0 to $24,999; Business Level 2 – $25,000 to $49,999; Business Level 3 – $50,000 to $99,999; Business Level 4 – $100,000 and greater.

The table below shows different rates possible for the same transaction. Using the virtual terminal, the best rate possible for a Level 1 Business card is usually 2.65%. While the virtual terminal supports Level II Data, to qualify for the Level II rate, it requires a valid sales tax amount, tax indicator and valid tax id. Sales tax must be between 0.1% and 30%. If tax exempt ($0 entered as tax amount or blank) will clear at Commercial Data Rate I. Most business to business companies do not have a sales tax amount.

The examples below include the interchange fees above and the payment gateway transaction fees for qualifying transactions at Data Rate I and CenPOS qualifying transactions at Data Rate III (also known as Data Rate 1 and Data Rate 3) vs CenPOS payment gateway example for Level 1 card

$5,000 sale, cost is $148.10 vs $108.20 CenPOS.*
$25,000 sale, cost is $662.60 vs $365.20 CenPOS.* vs CenPOS payment gateway example for Level 4 card

$5,000 sale, cost is $132.60 vs $92.70 CenPOS.* CenPOS saves merchant 27%.
$25,000 sale, cost is $740.10 vs $442.70 CenPOS. CenPOS saves merchant 40%.

How does CenPOS help merchants qualify transactions for level 3 rates? There are multiple requirements to qualify for the level 3 rates. These include submitting level 3 data, valid authorization, and authorization and settlement amount must match, among others. CenPOS automates interchange management in compliance with card acceptance rules, making it light and easy for users to comply, while also removing employee decision making that can impact the cost of card acceptance.

CenPOS customers achieve similar results across all sales channels, including retail. CenPOS is compatible with all the major processors, so merchants do not need to change their financial partners. No special software is required; users can access via a secure web page, mobile device, or integrated solution. Contact CenPOS Authorized Reseller Christine Speedy today for a demo and free trial.





Accept Payments Online Merchant Checklist

accept payments onlineBe wary of sites that list the top 10 best solutions to accept payments online, 10 best payment gateways etc. These sites solicit payment gateway vendors to get on the list. Those who pay the fee get on the list, regardless of whether they’re the best of anything. The vendor checklist below will help businesses that process more than $500,000 annually across all sales channels.

First make a list of needs, then compare to vendor options listed. Because a payment gateway is required for online payments, all questions are specifically for the gateway, regardless of whether the vendor also offers merchant services or check processing.

Circle immediate needs and write F next to potential future needs.

Where does your business want to accept payments now and in the future?

Make a list of all sales channels. The merchant industry impacts complexity of solutions needed. For example, a distributor might payments online, at a distribution outlet, via ecommerce, and ebilling; a law firm might accept payments online, but not in person. A non-profit may need to accept payments online and at events.

  • online payments
  • retail swipe
  • mobile swipe
  • ecommerce
  • einvoice
  • kiosk

Do you need level III processing?

  • Yes
  • No

Qualified merchants with at least a portion of business to business (B2B) or business to government (B2G) customers should require level III processing across all sales channels where payments are accepted. Manufacturers, distributors, and services that are generally business to business usually qualify.

How will the solution help automate interchange management, the bulk of processing fees?

  • Yes, has ‘automated interchange management system’
  • No, does not have ‘automated interchange management system’

If a company offers it, they’ll advertise it because it’s a competitive edge. Probably fewer than 10% offer it. There are many complexities and comparing may be a challenge. For example, if the authorization and settlement amount differ, the transaction will result in additional fees, Unless the solution resolves this difference by obtaining a new authorization. This item can be difficult for merchants to compare from solution to solution, so ask open ended questions.

Do you need online payments for credit cards, ACH or both?

  • credit cards
  • ACH
  • both credit cards and ACH

I once had a software company tell me their vendor had promised for years to provide online ACH. They’re still waiting. Shortlist only providers that process what you need now. Custom online payment forms are easy; Certifications for check or credit card processing is not as simple.

How does merchant know when a payment is received?

  • Email
  • Integrate to accounting or other software (Quickbooks, ERP etc)
  • Online report
  • Other

How does merchant differentiate between online payments and payments key entered by employee or other source?

  • Each payment identifies user that made it
  • Multiple accounts or deposits
  • None
  • Other

Can customers store credit card data?

  • Yes
  • No

Can customers store ACH data?

  • Yes
  • No
  • N/A

Are expiring cards managed proactively? Are customers notified in advance to self update?

  • Yes, proactive
  • No, no advance notice and ability to self update

Can tokens, which replace sensitive card data, be used across all sales channels and or company divisions needed?

  • Yes
  • No
  • N/A

Does the transaction occur on merchant server does user click to hosted payment page?

  • Hosted pay page
  • Merchant web page with iframe
  • Both options

Does it support multi currency processing?

  • Yes
  • No
  • N/A


What are customer service communication methods? circle all that apply

  • Phone 24/7 or limited hours
  • email 24/7 or limited hours
  • chat 24/7 or limited hours
  • Designated relationship manager


Other questions

  • What reports are available?
  • How long are they available?
  • Can reports be exported?
  • How can reports be shared?
  • How will solution help reduce PCI Compliance burden across all sales channels?

Online Payment Solutions:

  • CenPOS, a processor neutral omnichannel super payment gateway, available globally including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Latin America, South Africa, Asia Pacific, and more. Supports all merchant sales channels, multi currency processing, and level III processing all sales channels. Industry specialties: Automotive, manufacturer, distributor, private duty healthcare, non-profit, education. Free online pay page html5 available.
  • First Data Global Gateway e4, for First Data Merchants only.  Supports all merchant sales channels, level III processing in some sales channels. Industry specialties: Automotive, manufacturer, distributor, private duty healthcare, non-profit, education. Online pay page html available.

  •, a Cybersource/ Visa company, compatible with most processors. The gateway is available in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia. Online pay page html available.
  • PayPal Pro, requires Paypal payment processing. This is included because of the simplicity and longevity for online payments, however, Paypal differs significantly from all others; payments must be manually transferred to the bank, increasing time to deposit, and fees are netted from every transaction, making reconciliation more challenging.

This list does not include solutions from companies that are registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., because those are First Data resellers. (The text is found on the bottom of many web sites.)