EMV chip card transaction video – Verifone MX915 with CenPOS Virtual Terminal

Merchants will improve their customer experience accepting chip cards by training all users and cashiers. The transaction process is different for EMV than standard swipe transaction, in order to support the different flow for processing chip cards. In 60 seconds, … Continue reading

Virtual Terminal Compatible with Signature Capture devices: Multichannel vendor selection checklist

Moving your POS to the cloud? Many payment gateways have been adapted to work with more sales channels, while others were built for omnichannel needs from inception. Often, less sophisticated gateways accept mobile payments, but do not support signature capture … Continue reading

#34 Virtual terminal selection lowers credit card processing fees: First Data Linkpoint vs CenPOS video

Can virtual terminal selection impact credit card processing fees? Yes. This video #34 compares fees using First Data Linkpoint global gateway and then CenPOS. All cloud virtual terminals are not alike. Christine Speedy, CenPOS sales, shares corporate and purchasing card … Continue reading

Level III processing with PayTrace virtual terminal vs CenPOS virtual terminal

Are you looking for a payment gateway or virtual terminal that supports level III data (L3 or level 3)  processing and does not require a new merchant account? This review compares a select few features of Paytrace and CenPOS, specifically … Continue reading

virtual terminal credit card processing – vendor selection

Do you trust employees to do everything perfectly to help mitigate fraud risk and help reduce credit card processing fees? I hope not and here’s a story that illustrates a classic cashier blunder. A retail cashier using my virtual terminal … Continue reading