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American Express SafeKey® leverages the global industry standard, 3-D Secure®*, to detect and reduce online fraud by adding an extra layer of security when Card Members shop online. Merchant and customer experience answers in this article.

American Express SafeKey


How does Amex SafeKey impact the customer shopping experience? The cardholder may have some or no difference in the checkout experience, based on many factors, including prior online shopping history. The cardholder may be asked authentication question(s) to confirm it’s really the cardholder.

How does Amex SafeKey impact merchants?

  • Fraud liability for “It wasn’t me, I didn’t authorize it” goes away as liability shifts back to the issuer.
  • For business to business, where cardholder billing and shipping address frequently vary, cardholder authentication plays an important role not available with four digit CID security code validation only.
  • At this writing, American Express merchants do not receive a specific interchange discount as may be available with other card brands.

How can merchants adopt the Amex SafeKey service?

  1. Enroll your company on the American Express web site.
  2. Receive e-mail from SafeKey Certification Team with your SafeKey ID and next steps.
  3. SafeKey Certification Team gets approval from Acquirer.
  4. Acquirer and SafeKey Certification Team complete required setup.
  5. Activate 3-D Secure on the application. (Ecommerce shopping cart, payment gateway, or ERP.) Both payment gateway and application must support the service.

* 3-D Secure is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association in the United States and other countries.

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American Express Launches SafeKey to Help Protect Merchants and Cardmembers from Online Fraud

American Express’ adoption of Visa’s 3-D Secure Protocol for SafeKey adds momentum for 3-D Secure as a global industry standard for internet authentication.

LONDON,  November 5, 2010 — 

American Express today announced the launch of American Express SafeKey(SM) , an online fraud prevention solution, licensing Visa’s 3-D Secure Protocol.

3-D Secure is the technology that powers authentication services provided by payment brands around the world. It continues to be embraced by the payments industry as a global standard for payment authentication. American Express, a global payments network, will adopt 3-D Secure for Internet payment authentication, joining Visa and other international payment brands in endorsing a technology standard for secure Internet payment.

“American Express is committed to combating fraud for our merchants and cardmembers who transact online. American Express SafeKey is a new tool that will augment our fraud prevention solutions,” said Suzan Kereere, Senior Vice President of Global Network Operations for American Express. “As part of our commitment to global technology standards, American Express SafeKey was designed using 3-D Secure specifications to ensure industry-consistent processes and functionality.”

“We are pleased with American Express’ decision to license the 3-D Secure Protocol and we think this is a positive development for the industry and eCommerce. This reaffirms the position of 3-D Secure as the Internet authentication standard of choice,” said Jim McCarthy, Global Head of Product for Visa.

Visa and American Express support the development of global, open standards and recognize that a global authentication standard supports the continued growth of e-commerce. Visa continues to work with other industry leaders to accelerate the global adoption of 3-D Secure and welcomes industry participation in further expanding the global deployment of the 3-D Secure specification for Internet security and authentication. Using open authentication standards is an important and welcome step for the payments industry and the online marketplace.

American Express will enable SafeKey in Singapore and the UK on 8 November 2010 and begin working with merchants and card issuers in these markets to roll out the technology.

About American Express SafeKey
American Express SafeKey is a fraud prevention solution specifically designed to help protect American Express merchants and Cardmembers from fraudulent online transactions. The tool helps reduce unauthorized online use before it happens by confirming the Cardmember’s identity with an additional password. Cardmembers enroll in the authentication program through their card issuing bank to receive an added layer of protection. Participating merchants display the American Express SafeKey logo during online checkout offering shoppers an extra layer of security.

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3-D Secure is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association in the United States and other countries.