PCCharge Replacement Alternative – End of Life

pccharge end of lifeMerchants should plan now to switch from PC Charge since Verifone has announced the end of life schedule for 2015. Read the full article on Linkedin PCCharge End of Life.

Choosing a gateway is complex. While most seem similar, the differences can be extremely costly including resulting in expensive non-qualified transactions. Developers may choose the path of least resistance, such as an older gateway they’ve integrated many times. Merchants though, are the ones who suffer from the results by replacing one outdated solution with another one that is struggling to keep up with newer innovators.

Verifone End of Life Announcement

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Looking for PCCharge Alternative?

Years ago, PCCharge PC POS was a very popular solution for merchants wanting to turn their computers into a POS system. With the introduction of cloud payment solutions has the time for it and PC Payment Software solutions passed?

With cloud payments, no data is ever stored at the merchant site, and there’s never any software to update. For non-integrated solutions, merchants access a virtual terminal via a secure web page. A payment gateway works behind the scenes to encrypt and transmit data securely via the internet, just like for ecommerce transactions.


  • PCCharge is installed on Windows PC’s. For PCI Compliance, merchants should update software within 30 days to the latest version. Do they? Because of license fees and simple mistakes, not all merchants use the latest version. Records are accessible on site only unless a server solution is used.
  • With Cloud Payment technology there’s no software to update and records are accessible anywhere.  (This does not negate the same merchant requirements for all other elements to meet PCI Compliance requirements.) In the event of emergency, merchants can operate instantly from anywhere.


  • PCCharge supports credit card terminals, primarily with wedge swipers (mag stripe card readers), plus checks with RDM readers.
  • Some cloud payment solutions support signature capture terminals, including with pin debit, and mobile readers, in addition to wedges and RDM’s.


  • PCCharge supports level 2 processing but merchants can qualify for lower interchange rates, which comprise over 95% of merchant fees, with level 3 processing.
  • Some cloud payment solutions support level 3 processing for retail (and other channels such as MOTO- mail order, telephone order-  etc). Additionally, some cloud payment solutions have more options for token billing, variable installment, online payment management etc.


  • PCCharge?
  • Cloud technology solutions provide many options for merchants to protect against both internal and external fraud, with merchant configurable rules, real time alerts and more. The scale of protection options varies widely by solution. Dynamic solutions which vary response on the fly based on input variables (for example, the method of transaction such as key entered) offer maximum protection.

About PCCharge PC POS: PCCharge is POS Software product from Verifone.  Designed for stand-alone, client server or integrated payment processing environments, can turn any PC into a POS system.

About the author: Christine Speedy is an authorized reseller for CenPOS enterprise cloud payment solutions. CenPOS can turn PC’s and Mac’s into a POS system. CenPOS is a merchant centric omnichannel SaaS that supports level 3 processing in retail, MOTO, ecommerce and other channels, creating customer efficiencies while increasing customer engagement. For sales, call (954) 942-0483.