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The perfect global B2B Magento payment gateway extension must support level 3 processing, since it significantly impacts profit margins. Connecting to Dynamics AX, Infor, SAP and other ERP’s can also help reduce PCI Compliance burden, with one gateway for all revenue channels.

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For international sales needs, a global gateway can be more than a secure payment module. For example, with CenPOS treasury management, route transactions to the local bank partner based on the card issuer.

  • Eliminate expensive cross-border interchange fees
  • Route processing to countries with lower interchange rates
  • Eliminate currency exchange fees when repatriating funds back to country where sale originated
  • Qualify for level III interchange rates on eligible corporate, purchasing, business cards; more than just supporting level III, there are many rules to comply with to get the reduced rates

The CenPOS Magento module is not available in any marketplace. To get it FREE, contact Christine Speedy today, 954-942-0483.


Card Not Present Token Billing Best Practice & CenPOS Training

Ready to improve PCI Compliance with token billing? Step by step instructions for CenPOS card not present token billing including creating, modifying, and using tokens follows.

  1. In the virtual terminal admin, Create a new Role* or Modify an existing role to include token billing permissions, only for what the user is allowed to do. For example, if you employees are allowed to create tokens, but not conduct sales, check the Manage Token and Positive Card only.

    token billing roles

    Virtual Terminal administration- Partial list of permission options; token billing related items are checked

  2. Are email receipts available now? If no, send an email request to support via link on the virtual terminal login page. In the subject put: “your CenPOS MID” email receipt request. In the body, include all your contact info, the MID, and what email address you want receipts to come from.
  3. Prepare training worksheet for distribution
  4. Distribute Self-paced training checklist (10 minutes to complete) to all users
  5. Get documentation of all training- who, what, when. It may be useful as part of an overall PCI Compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) plan to comply with section 12, Maintain an Information Security Policy.
  6. Assign users to the new roles with return of documentation
  7. If there’s any legacy cardholder data on file, plan it’s secure destruction

References: Token Billing Training Videos

*See CenPOS Virtual Terminal Manual for details on using Role Templates.

A sample document, created by Christine Speedy,  for training and documentation is available upon request.

How long is a credit card authorization valid for?

The short answer is, all preauthorizations, expire within 24 hours for swiped transactions and 3 business days for non-swiped card-not-present transactions. Preauthorizations are an ‘open to buy’ hold on a customer credit card. While merchants can still settle transactions after an expired authorization, it impacts fees and chargeback risk from disputes. This answer addresses manufacturers,  distributors, and business to business companies that process orders with future deliveries, some that can take days, weeks, or even months.*

“Authorizations and preauthorizations are commonly misunderstood”, according to Christine Speedy, 3D Merchant sales. “Merchants frequently say, ‘I’ve never had a problem settling a transaction that was more than 5 days in the past’. That’s true, but the downside is cost and risk management. In order to qualify for the lowest merchant fees for any transaction type, merchants must have a valid authorization. Additionally, if there’s a dispute, without a valid authorization, the risk of loss is significantly higher.”

Since it’s inefficient and nearly impossible for merchants to manage identifying when authorizations have expired for open buys, or when related rules change, a rules-based cloud payment system is critical. With automation to manage proper authorization and settlement, merchants will reduce merchant fees with any merchant account, and reduce risk.

CenPOS is a merchant centric payment platform that solves this and other complex credit card processing problems. Sales Christine Speedy 954-942-0483.


Identify transaction using token vs without token : CenPOS FAQ

tokenization for credit card sale cenpos

Segment of receipt that identifies whether a token was used for credit card transaction via CenPOS.

Is there a CenPOS report that I can print that shows if a token was used rather than a credit card number was keyed?  Yes, by pulling a Repeat Sale report. All transactions using a token are sent with the “Repeat Sale” process indicator, in accordance with card acceptance rules. For on demand reports, login to the virtual terminal.

  • Choose Reports> Reprint to include all attempted transactions.
  • Choose Reports> Transactions to include only settled transactions.
cenpos reports field change view

If you don’t see the “Processed” column in reports, click the show/hide columns button shown  at far right.

report fields checkboxes cenpos

To view only transactions in which a token was used, enter "repeat" in the filter field

To view only transactions in which a token was used, enter “repeat” in the filter field.

Use the icons in the upper right of report to print or export and paste into excel. Do you need this report regularly? With the executive dashboard report writer, create a report with any criteria and have it automatically delivered to any email group on any schedule.


zip code, address verification and cvv code validation responses

avs code responses

Above are all the possible responses for credit card address verification, in a screenshot from the CenPOS merchant parameter manager, where administrators can set rules and automatic alerts to mitigate fraud risk. Zip code and CVV each have additional response options.

Ever wondered what the possible responses when a merchant does a credit card address check? For card not present transactions, performing fraud checks can mean the difference between lost disputes and managed risk. Payment gateways vary widely in the response data returned to a merchant. For example, PASS, FAIL, and UNCHECKED, provide little information for a merchant to make an educated decision about whether to approve a transaction.

Payment Gateway Fraud Tools To Look for:

  • What responses are possible? What depth of information is available to review?
  • Can merchant automatically decline a transaction, but allow a supervisor to override?
  • Can merchant automatically send real time alerts to management of potential risky transactions?
  • Are there other fraud tools that can be used as part of the transaction review?
  • What services cost extra, and what are standard?

Equally important is the ability to automate activating different tools for different situations. For example, if a merchant switches between card present and swiped transactions.