B2B Donations Checkout Solution: Accept Donations Anywhere

Collect charitable donations for your favorite causes wherever your customers pay with our simple donations checkout solution for all sales channels and payment types. Fully compliant with credit card processing rules, such as producing a receipt that lists the subtotal sale of goods and services, a separate line for the donation, and a total for the complete amount.

  • Employees don’t ask- customers never feel uncomfortable. The system automates the donation process via each sales channel. For example, if it’s an e-invoice or hosted pay page, the customer sees a donations field to add an amount if desired.
  • Easy to adopt- Works with multiple accounting, software and financial partners such as First Data.
  • Activate, deactivate and change the beneficiary on demand. You’re in control.

We’re helping your business help others. The donations service is included at no additional cost with our standard services.

Christine Speedy, 954-942-0483, specializes in enterprise-class solutions for businesses, saving them time and money, while improving their customer engagement. Secure, cloud-based solutions optimize acceptance for all payment types across multiple channels without disrupting merchant banking relationships.

Disaster planning: credit card processing, cash flow and accepting payments

Mobile credit card processing and online payments of all types can ensure business cash flow during and after a disaster. When the storm is over and people emerge to shop again, how will businesses manage accepting credit cards? Or get paid by check if mail is undeliverable? Critical issues include power, telephone and internet access, as well as human capital when employees scatter to many different places.

How can we help your business when a USA storm is imminent?

  1. Online pay page– hosted pay page supporting ACH/echeck with or without guarantee, credit card, wire and Paypal. No web developer is needed for this fast solution; just send our custom link to your customers.
  2. Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment- Login to a portal and Text or email your customers a pre-filled payment object with link to pay a specific invoice; optionally create detailed invoices on the fly if your accounting system is not available.
  3. Virtual terminal – your employees key enter the payment information via virtual terminal on a secure hosted web page or using the mobile app (free).

All solutions above are quick and easy to adopt and they work with your existing financial partners such as merchant services or check processor. Remote training videos can help users get up and running the same day as the account is activated from wherever they are. For the two self-pay options above, when using 3-D Secure cardholder authentication, liability for fraud shifts to the issuer, much like EMV does for retail. Additionally, the qualified rated for credit card acceptance in many cases is the same as retail.

It’s probably not realistic to get a credit card swiper on short notice because in the current retail world, EMV chip card and point to point encryption are critical to protect against fraud and data breaches. Use a store bought mag card reader at your own risk.


Good to know:

  • Works with all or most processors- bring a merchant statement, online login, or contact information with you when evacuating so we can connect to it.
  • No long term agreement- month to month
  • Plugins available for many software solutions
  • Encrypted virtual keypad protects cardholder data from key logger software (important when employees may be using their own PC’s)
  • PCI Compliant
  • Each user has unique login for compliance and tracking; same permission based login across all solutions.
  • Standardization across all locales for complete transparency, and compliance.
  • With simple cashiering you can even manage and track cash transactions.

Contact Christine Speedy 954-815-6040 or cspeedy At cenposreseller.com


Accept Payments Online

Winter Storm Jonas is a reminder of the importance for business to business companies to accept payments online. What if you have a desktop terminal, but staff is working from home? How can accounts receivable be reached for call in or fax payments? Cash flow and efficiency will improve with 24/7 online payments.accept payments onlineTo accept payments online via a self-serve 24/7 online payment form, a payment gateway is required to secure the transaction. The most popular non-integrated methods:

  1. Hosted pay page – merchant provides customers an email or web site link to make payments on the payment gateway hosted web page. Click here for hosted pay page example.
  2. Embedded payment object– the buyer stays on the merchant web site, with the gateway html code embedded as an iframe.

Online Payments FAQ

What is the rate? There are two service types: Payment gateway or bundled gateway with merchant account. For flexibility to change merchant accounts, which most businesses will do every few years, keep your gateway separate to minimize business disruption. When the merchant account changes, there’s no programming needed. Just update the gateway settings with the new merchant account information. Never, ever choose a payment gateway by comparing the cost per transaction. Instead, measure the net transaction cost, including gateway fees, for card types accepted. (Click here for online payments example of authorize.net vs CenPOS for business to business.) B2B companies need a gateway solution that supports level III processing and will help qualify transactions for the lowest rate.

How long does it take to get started? Usually 2-5 days after the decision has been made, from gateway sign up to accepting payments. The actual implementation time is minimal.

How do I know when someone makes a payment? An email is automatically sent with details. TIP: Create an email alias to a distribution list. For example, epay@mydomain.com.

Can my invoices be automatically marked as paid in my accounting software? With an integration, yes. Depending on your software, and the gateway, there may be a module available for quick and easy implementation.

Where can I view transaction reports? By logging in to the virtual terminal via a secure web browser, or in some cases, via mobile app.

Can customers save their credit card information? With most gateways, yes.

Is it PCI Compliant? All the major US payment gateways are PCI Compliant. Accepting payments online can improve PCI Compliance for merchants, as risky practices like credit card authorization forms are abolished.

Can customers pay with an echeck (ACH)? It depends on the gateway.


Worlds Only 3rd Party Omnichannel Payment Gateway Meeting Big Ticket Needs

Businesses with some element of B2B and retail sales of high dollar value goods, have unique omnichannel needs. CenPOS is the only omnichannel payment gateway that meets them. The critical needs are level III processing, interchange management, tokenization, EMV, 3Dsecure, tokenization, online payments, processor neutral, PCI Compliant credit card authorization form, signature capture, pin debit, and payments segregated from applications for PCI Compliance. 

Level III processing

Level III processing is nearly impossible to find for retail, however merchant savings are huge, and when battling low margins, it’s critical.

Example of a wew low interchange rate a merchant transaction qualified for.

Example of a low interchange rate a merchant transaction qualified for vs 2.65% without CenPOS.

Interchange Management

Interchange qualification is extremely complex, and the only way to manage it is via an automated system, which must be in the cloud to be current. It’s impossible to train or rely on employees to make the right decisions to mitigate risk and fees. For example, when a merchant key enters a transaction with other solutions, the transaction is ‘non-qualified’ because mag stripe data isn’t sent. CenPOS dynamically identifies the transaction requirements, and prompts for actions to ensure the merchant qualifies for the lowest card not present rate, which is usually lower than the non-qualified retail swipe rate.


Variable recurring, fixed recurring, installment, and scheduled mixed payments are all available. Customers can manage their own tokens via the internet, which are instantly available to those with permission to the Virtual Terminal.

EMV and 3Dsecure certified

A lot of equipment is available that’s EMV chip card ready, but very few others can actually accept EMV today. As EMV picks up steam, online fraud is expected to increase and 3Dsecure will help merchant mitigate that risk. Can you name how many independent gateways are certified for both?

emv smart card

EMV chip smart card.

Online Payments

Per Visa Core Rules October 2014, merchants cannot request CVV2 on any paper form. To mitigate risk, merchants need CVV2 (for the first transaction if stored). Online payments via a hosted pay page or electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) are the most secure way to validate a card so that card data is never accessible by employees.

Processor Neutral

Companies want flexibility to choose their own financial processors, including merchant account processor. CenPOS is certified to processors globally.

PCI Compliant credit card authorization form

Credit card authorization forms have been a critical part of B2B process to ensure they won’t get burned with a chargeback at a later date. The problem is they’re a PCI nightmare and CVV2 can’t be on them. CenPOS automatically generates a PCI Compliant recurring billing authorization form that merchants can ask their customers to sign.

Multilane Signature Capture

Signature capture is mandatory for back office efficiencies for customer service, defending disputes to prevent chargebacks, and reducing audit costs.multi-lane signature capture terminal l5200

Pin Debit

  • Reduces dispute time from 120 days to 14 days
  • Reduces fees, even for regulated debit, by avoiding dues and assessments
  • Mitigates risk of merchant losing fraud disputes

Payments Segregated From Applications

CenPOS solutions can be used standalone or integrated. Many connectors, modules and integrations are available as well as easy to implement API’s.

CenPOS is uniquely the worlds only gateway to offer every solution above, critical for merchants to mitigate risk, reduce PCI compliance burden, and increase EBITDA. HVAC, building supply, electrical, industrial supply, truck, automotive, parts dealers, and appliance dealers are examples of high dollar ticket merchants that want the above solutions and more.



3 Ways CenPOS Beats Skipjack For Online Payments Gateway Review

This answer about payment gateways is specifically for an auto industry parts distributor shipping nationally, though many wholesale distributors have the same needs. After outlining the situation and concerns, we’ll explore 3 key differences. The object is not to dissect every difference, nor to even compare just to Skipjack, but to give merchants  information to help make educated choices about any credit card processing or check processing gateway.


About The Company (merchant):

  • Wholesale, retail and recycled auto and truck parts
  • USA sales only
  • Retail storefront for the occasional local buyer- minimal walk-ins
  • Online parts inventory search, no ecommerce
  • Most customers buy one time only
  • Most repeat customers are on account and pay by check per terms

About The Current Payments Process:

METHOD 1: Most common

  • Customer selects a part from the live inventory online
  • Calls on the phone for a quote
  • Merchant faxes forms to complete including special ordering terms and a credit card authorization form.
  • Customer faxes back the forms
  • Merchant key enters all the bill to and ship to information etc.


  • Customer selects a part from the live inventory online
  • Emails request for a quote
  • Merchant emails response with forms to complete including special ordering terms and a credit card authorization form.
  • Customer faxes back the form
  • Merchant key enters all the bill to and ship to information etc.

METHOD 3: On account customers

  • Customer selects a part from the live inventory online
  • Emails request for a quote
  • Merchant emails response with forms to complete including special ordering terms
  • Customer faxes back the approval form
  • Merchant key enters order information on a stored customer (bill to & ship to, no payment data)
  • Merchant prints invoice and sends in the mail
  • Customer pays by check in the mail

Customers can also download the order forms on demand from the web site.


  • Time consuming- staffing costs are high,  customer satisfaction declines the longer the wait, sales may be lost due to wait time or inconvenience.


  • Security- To protect against future disputes, the forms with credit card information are stored proving customer had agreed to the terms. It’s virtually impossible to prove PCI Compliance with these procedures, and it presents substantial financial risk to the owner, plus personal risk of felony charges, with up to one year in jail, for the business owner if identity theft occurred. Most small businesses go bankrupt after a data breach.
  • Cost of adding any new services and the impact on profit margins


  1. Human Resources: a) CenPOS empowers customers to make online payments for any outstanding invoice without any customization required. This greatly reduces sales time on the phone. b) The E-invoice option eliminates all activities related to stuffing envelopes with invoices, mailing, and tracking who’s paid so reminders can be sent, and faxing invoices that are lost.  Collections are automated and proven to increase cash-flow and reduce float. c) CenPOS reports includes HR planning tools by plotting transactions, by user, on a time grid to help management staff better.
  2. Security: CenPOS shifts all payment collection to Multi-channel payments with one hub AND automated presentment. Skipjack cannot change the transaction indicator from retail to MOTO or vise versa. All payments are sent with whatever the merchant account is set up for. CenPOS saves merchants money.
  3. Cost: CenPOS uniquely can lower the cost of credit card acceptance by reducing interchange fees, the bulk of credit card processing fees, charge-back fees and losses associated with fraud and or disputes. CenPOS is an intelligent gateway that alters actions based on a number of rules, including merchant created rules. a) CenPOS uniquely optimizes transactions for qualified interchange rates, and empowers merchants to make decisions about risk. For example, CenPOS will automatically prompt for level 3 data on a corporate or purchasing card. SkipJack will not. The interchange difference can be over 1%.  b) CenPOS will dynamically switch transactions from retail to MOTO for presentment to the card issuing bank, qualifying transactions for the best interchange rate for both methods. SkipJack cannot. c) CenPOS creates efficiencies for marketing, sales, and accounting that have a direct impact on internal costs. SkipJack does not have the reconciliation tools, HR planning reports, EBPP (electronic bill presentment & payment) and a long list of other solutions that impact business costs.

Skipjack is a registered trademark of Skipjack Financial Services, Inc.

CenPOS works with your existing processor. CenPOS is fast, easy, and requires no capital investment to implement. Call 954-942-0483 or click here for more information.