Replacing ICVerify with for caging service providers

ICVERIFY Software, a PC based payment software solution, is end of life and must be replaced with an internet, or cloud-based, payment gateway. is one replacement option for caging service providers, including donation processing, that doesn’t require changing credit card processing companies, also known as merchant services provider or acquirer. For business to business, I don’t recommend, read about another ICVerify alternative here.

What’s the difference between ICVerify and Payment Gateway for Credit Card Processing for fundraising service providers?

  1. There’s no software to install. Users process payments via a virtual terminal by logging in to a secure web page and processing single transactions, or via batch upload.
  2. The merchant, or fundraising non-profit, completes a payment gateway application for each merchant account, just like any other financial account, with an authorized reseller, such as 3D Merchant Services.
  3. Transaction fees are standard. Fees can be paid via credit card or ACH debit. Merchants may have individual merchant accounts that include free gateway services, though unlikely, and there’s two limitations. First, if the merchant (non-profit or other entity) changes their acquirer, any tokens saved for recurring billing will be invalid. Second, it may increase lockbox service provider development and maintenance time for multiple gateway file specifications.
  4. Merchants are billed directly by for gateway fees, including when opened through authorized reseller 3D Merchant Services (Christine Speedy).
  5. Merchants control user access to payment gateway account

Christine Speedy alleviates the pain of switching merchants from ICVerify to, including providing a single point of contact for all accounts, managing the application process, providing personal customer service, and offering volume transaction rates for entire client portfolio. Her payment expertise helps minimize fundraising expenses, reduce donor management friction, and reduce PCI Compliance burden. Merchants can call Christine or for customer support after an account is opened.


  • Create a CSV file for upload to, per file set up specifications
  • Login to merchant account
  • Upload file
  • Download results the next day


  • Open account; contact us for special volume rates
  • Add users and assign permissions, including users for your service provider
  • Download transaction reports on demand by logging into online portal via web page. Note, these reports are limited and do not replace, but rather supplement, reports from your lockbox service provider. 24 month record retention and search.
  • will automatically debit account monthly

Working with a single payment specialist for all fundraising channels maximizes net dollar educes PCI Compliance burden, misinformation, and

This article makes no reference to the value of as a vendor selection, only the implementation and maintenance of using it as ICVerify alternative. Contact Christine Speedy at 954-942-0483 for all integrated, standalone and batch upload payment gateway needs from and other solutions.