How to add a sim card to Verifone Nurit 8020 wireless terminal- Video

This how to video demonstrates how to install a sim card in the Verifone Nurit 8020 wireless credit card terminal Model 8020US50K04. You can enlarge to full screen view.


Open the battery pack. Unlock the SIM cardholder. Turn machine over so the latch opens.  Match the gold on SIM to face the gold on the inside electronics. Relock, replace cover.

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wireless credit card terminal FAQ

What are the costs to use a wireless credit card terminal? Can I keep my same merchant account? The first in a series to answer your questions about acquiring and using wireless terminals.

Will my unit arrive ready to use? That depends on where you buy it. If you buy from the same company as your processor, yes. If you buy from someone else, maybe.

What’s needed to tie the unit to my merchant account?
1. The processor needs at a minimum the serial number, SIM card number and the mfr brand and model.
2. The processor creates a Terminal ID (TID) for the wireless account.
3. The processor contacts one of the two primary wireless networks – Apriva or Way Systems (for Way terminals only), whichever they prefer.
4. Apriva or Way creates wireless account for merchant per the processor account information. Depending not only on the processor, but where it processes through (for example First Data Omaha, First Data North) the two entities will exchange information to establish the proper programming. Due to the many variables, it’s not as simple as filling out a form. Additionally, merchants will not have adequate information about back end account details to establish the account without the help of their processor.

Will my processor charge a set up fee to create the wireless account? That’s an individual account decision. In most cases that we deal with, the answer is no.

Can 3D Merchant send me a terminal that’s ready to run? Yes, if you are an existing customer or if you obtain a new merchant account. Otherwise it’s a $95 fee. Your merchant processor will still need to set up the wireless merchant account before we can get the programming started. When they’re done, someone can either call us or send us a SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD datasheet via email or fax. We’ll get your terminal set up and test it before sending out.

Why do you charge a set up fee when my processor will do it for free? 3D Merchant sells equipment at discount prices. One benefit of buying wholesale is price. The downside is there is no margin to provide extra service. The processor is making a profit on your merchant services every month. For them it’s value added to keep you as a customer. As our customer it could be years before you need another unit.

What do I get for the $95 set up fee? We’ll charge your unit, download software, test and set it up so it’s ready to run transactions when it arrives. A signature is required for delivery for security reasons.

What are the fees for using a wireless terminal? All terminals have two elements for pricing at a minimum. One is a monthly fee, the other is a per item fee. There is a base fee set by the networks. Processors pay the networks for use of their system. They can pass through the cost or mark it up. There is normally a one time activation fee as well, usually around the same price as the monthly fee.
For example, a typical cost could be $25 set up, $25/mth wireless fee, $.20 per item fee. These fees are in addition to standard processing fees.


PCI PED DSS certified wireless terminal features pin debit with cash back and entry fields for invoices. Full color screen and thermal printer with carrying case included.

This units works on GSM network. In simpler terms, anywhere AT&T works well this will also since AT&T works on GSM network. Also has encrypt and upload later feature in case you have a bad connection where you are.


Do I need to get a merchant account with you? No. However, if you have been in business at least two years and have a good credit history, why not have a discussion with us about your processing too? It couldn’t hurt and maybe we can reduce costs, provide better reporting ( you don’t know what you’re missing until you find out what’s available), improve compliance or help you in other ways.

Can I get paper too? You can buy paper from us or any retail outlet that sells it.

Thermal printer paper 2 1/4″ X 50′ per roll

10 Pack Web Special – $11.99
Order item number: DM24010-00

20 Pack – $17.99 Order item number: DM24020-00 50 Pack – $38.50
Order item number: DM24050-00

How do I activate my unit?
Contact your processor to find out which network they prefer, Way or Apriva. They’ll need the serial number and SIM card number to set up the unit on your merchant account.

Are there fees to use a wireless unit?
Yes. They are usually $25 per month, sometimes $20 or $30. These fees are normally deducted via ACH on your merchant services account.

Nurit 8020 M20 wireless terminal review

The NURIT 8020 is the best wireless terminal with pin debit available today. It’s a PCI PED approved secure handheld solution and probably the best selling wireless payment device in the world.
nurit 8000 wireless terminal
There are four reasons this unit should be at the top of your wireless terminal list.

First, the PED or Pin Entry Device meets 2010 pin debit standards. Not all units being sold on the internet meet this standard so merchants need to be careful in choosing. The PED is integrated into the handheld unit and is standard, not an option. All you need is the right merchant account to take advantage of pin debit rates transactions. Even though pin debit rates are increasing, merchants will still benefit from reduced risk by eliminating chargebacks.

pci ped certified 2010

Second, it has electronic signature capture. With the large memory capability, this can again help you reduce risk if you have back office operations to integrate to (for signature, not card data storage).
Nurit 8000 signature capture

Third, it’s EMV approved. In a global world, this provides additional capability to accept a wider variety of cards including chip-based payment cards.

emv certified

Fourth, the Nurit units have a long history of reliability both for the unit and connectivity.  Connect via Wifi, GSM, phone and TCP/IP.

If you have one event a year, this is could be over-kill, but it also depends on what you have at risk for that one day.

The number of wireless credit card machines coming on the market is exploding, but for ‘road warriors’ this is a great dependable unit with all the features a merchant could want- there is no better at the time of this writing.

wireless credit card terminal special deal

PCI PED DSS certified wireless terminal features pin debit with cash back and entry fields for invoices. Super low sale price of $259. Full color screen and thermal printer with carrying case included.

The New MTT 1581 empowers merchants everywhere with the limitless possibilities of a truly mobile POS terminal. This revolutionary offering from WAY Systems has the functionality mobile merchants demand for successful, secure transactions anywhere. The terminal’s stylish, sleek form factor fits easily in the palm of your hand, combining the convenience of a mobile phone with the power to accept payment anywhere, at anytime.

wireless terminal 1581 wireless terminal printer s40


  • Works virtually anywhere
  • Best mobile coverage available (GPRS)
  • Supports all major processors
  • Customer support included (24/7 Helpdesk)
  • Easy-to-use retail mobile credit and debit application
    • Optionally supports tip (retail), toll, invoice number, cash receipt, AVS, CVV2, Amex CID (as supported by your processor)
  • Shipped ready “Out-of-the-Box” with setup and activation completed

Now with Essential Organizer Features including:

  • Calendar with appointment capability
  • Alarm Clock
  • Calculator
  • Note features
  • Stopwatch
  • Address Book

MTT 1581 Technical Specifications


  • Height: 4” (102 mm)
  • Width: 2.5” (64 mm)
  • Depth: 1.44” (37 mm)


  • Total Weight: 5.5 oz. (156g)
  • Printer: 8.8 oz. (250g)

Wireless Communications

  • Dual band GSM TM 850/1900 MHz
  • International frequency 900/1800 MHz

POS Transaction Storage

  • Store and forward transactions

POS Processor

  • High performance 16 bit microprocessor optimized for low power consumption


  • MULTOS 4.06+ Link Security Module
  • PKI (for key exchange between
  • MTT and Server)


  • Mobile thermal printer, infrared communications

Magnetic Stripe Card Reader

  • Tracks 1, 2 and 3


  • Uses telephone style keys for data entry
  • Uses internal PCI PED compliant PINpad for PIN entry DUKPT, 3DES

Smart Card Reader

  • EMV Level 1 (in process for 2008)


  • Up to 50 hours stand-by time
  • Up to 300 transactions per charge

S40 Printer Technical Specifications


  • Height: 1.3” (34 mm)
  • Width: 3” (75 mm)
  • Depth: 4” (103 mm)


  • 8.8 oz. (250g) for true mobility

High Speed

  • 2 in/sec (50 mm/sec)
  • Approximately 17 lines/sec at 8pt font size

High Resolution

  • 203 dpi (8 dots/mm)

Easy paper loading by clamshell design

Supports text and graphic printing

Multi-Language Character/Font Support

Serical (RS-232C)

  • IrDA Ver 1.0 (SIR) Interface


  • 1 hour continuous printing

Rechargeable 7.2V DC 880mAH (Ni-MH)

Wireless Terminal Coverage Map

MTT1581 is lowest cost wireless terminal on the market I know of.