How to use a stored token for credit card payment: CenPOS training video

Variable payment recurring billing is easy and fast using CenPOS token billing solutions. Video shows how to retrieve a stored token to charge a credit card again. Tokens replace sensitive card data with random alpha numeric characters. Merchants can then charge the card again, with customer permission, by retrieving the token.

A Christine Speedy, CenPOS global sales, training video. This video uses ZOOM so you can watch as is, or enlarge as it was recorded in larger 1280 width. If you have trouble viewing, watch it on youtube: #33 How to use a stored token for credit card payment: CenPOS training video .

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Tokens replace sensitive payment information with the last 4 digits of the card only, and the random alpha numeric token ID that replaced the full card number. CVV can never be stored, per card association rules, but merchants can perform a zero dollar authorization before creating a token.

Click on the credit and debit tab.

Select USE TOKEN. If the ‘use token’ icon is not visible, contact the merchant administrator to update user permissions, either by moving the user to a new role that has the use token permission, or by updating the existing role to add the permission to all users in the role.

If you don’t know the token ID, search for it.

token billing screenshot

Select the token by clicking on it.

Then enter the sale details. If the merchant has set up additional information fields, enter now. If the credit card type qualifies for special interchange rates that require additional information, such as a purchasing card, CenPOS will automatically prompt for it.

A receipt is automatically delivered to the customer email address put on file when the card was originally stored and the token was created. As a reminder, full credit card data is never accessible to anyone after a token is created.

The same process applies for stored checking account information via the Checks tab. By regulation, merchants cannot initiate repeat sales creating an ACH on business checks. Customers must initiate business ACH transactions. CenPOS supports that via the Electronic bill presentment and payment, or EBPP electonic invoicing solution.

About the author: Christine specializes in providing merchants with innovative technology to create efficiencies and ease the burden of PCI compliance. With a primary focus on “card not present” payment processing solutions for mid-size companies, including manufacturers and wholesale distributors, merchants improve PCI Compliance and streamline the payment experience for both their company and their customers. It’s fast, easy to use, and requires no capital investment to implement. For sales call Christine Speedy at 954-942-0483 or click here for more information.

Transfirst vs CenPOS for orthodontists

After writing the Transfirst review, I stumbled on the news blurb about AAO renewing a three year agreement with Transfirst for credit card processing. The positive news is the deal offers pass through credit card processing. I don’t have any intimate details about how much merchants will pay over interchange though to make any comment. I then further learned that Transfirst has numerous similar deals with other medical associations.

As a parent with kids needing orthodontal care for several years, I’m initimately familiar with the billing requirements of orthodontist practices and the many situations they encounter. Does this sound familiar to you?

  • Payments made by almost exclusively by credit card or debit card, rarely cash or check
  • Initial downpayment made in person
  • Subsequent payments made during office visits
  • Some customers on automated payment or would like to be
  • Insurance may cover part of obligation
  • Multiple parties may be involved in payments (divorced parents, grandparents etc)
  • Kids of driving age show up without a parent or payment
  • Loans via third party

Convenience Parents would like:

  • Ability to pay online. Parents are busy!
  • Ability to store payment information and know that it is safe. (The parent not present can pay when it’s convenient.)
  • Ability to choose whether to accept automated recurring billing. (Puts parent in control of how much convenience they’d like.)

A wise man once said, to effectively reach your market, “you need to see what John Smith buys through John Smith’s eyes”.  Once an orthodontist routine is established, for parents, being present to pay a bill or having to call in during normal business hours, is just another pain point, especially when there are other parties involved in making payments. HSA debit cards are becoming more common, so sending a check in the mail is usually not the solution for the parent not there making a payment.

How CenPOS solves these problems:

  • Securely store payment information for repeat billing.
  • The CenPOS recurring billing module: Set it and forget it payments, including variable amounts and any dates. You can add a patient ‘contract’ and add multiple payers and payment methods for each payer.
  • Free secure online paypage for checks, credit, debit cards. Payers can make a one time payment or store their information for later.
  • Automatically emails when a card is expiring if a payer has registered.
  • EBPP- you could email invoices, though this is less common for orthodontists.
payment switch card not present retail

The illustration shows part of the payment cycle that applies to interchange qualification.

How CenPOS compares to Transfirst:

Payment Gateway Features As Listed on Transfirst June 2012
Differentiating Feature
Automatically prompts users for data to qualify more transactions for lower qualified rates
checkmark yes
Signature capture option
checkmark yes
Automatically switch transaction indicator to retail or card not present
checkmark yes
Search records by cardholder name
checkmark yes
Create Patient Payment Account and add multiple payers and payment methods
checkmark yes
Create any payment amount, any date, any payer method and SCHEDULE it
checkmark yes
Store records for 7 years
checkmark yes
Free secure online payments page
checkmark yes


DISCLAIMER: This review uses publicly available information posted on the competitive product web site as of 6/12/2012. The review does not include the credit card processing, just the gateway product. TransFirst is a registered trademark of TransFirst LLC.


  • Regardless of your business type, CenPOS generally outperforms TransFirst when all the facts are compared.
  • API is available to integrate into other software packages.


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