Which Verifone pin entry devices are pci complaint?

There are various levels of PCI Compliance that merchants should be aware of when purchasing new Verifone pin pads or checking the status of older ones. Pin entry devices are also known as pin-pads, and are used for pin-debit credit card transactions. We get a lot of calls asking to board products that a merchant already owns. That’s OK as long as it meets current guidelines. The chart below is a helpful guide to products that meet current and future requirements.

PIN ENTRY DEVICES VFI 1000SE VFI Omni 7000 VFI SC5000 VFI EverestPlus 3DES Hypercom P1300 Hypercom S9
DES Encryption X X X X X X
Triple DES Encryption
PCI PED Compliant X

If your unit is not one of these devices, please visit the manufacturer web site to see if there are newer models. If you have an older model not listed here, you’ll need to replace it by July 1, 2010.

Many pin pads cost $75 to $100 new. These must be encrypted and matched for compatibility to whatever your main unit is. For security reasons, there are very few locations in the country with the rights to encrypt. These encryption centers do not deal direct with the merchant, but throuh resellers.

What are Visa’s requirements for implementing Triple DES?
PIN Entry Device TDES Capability Requirements:
• Effective 01 January 2003, all newly deployed ATMs (including replacement devices) must support
• Effective 01 January 2004, all newly deployed POS PIN acceptance devices (including replacement
devices) must support TDES.
• Effective 1 July 2010, Cardholder PINs must be TDES encrypted from all Points-of-Transaction to the Issuer.  However, each Visa Region’s TDES dates will supersede the global TDES date whenever the Visa Region’s  date precedes the global date.
Note:  “Must support” means the device has all the necessary hardware and software required for TDES
installed and only requires the loading of a TDES key.

Debit Interchange update

Recent alert from Chase Paymentech for Tier 4 Retail merchants (less than $450M in Interlink sales/ 13 M transactions):
Interlink Network = $.75% + $.15 (no cap), switch fee $.04
Pulse network- added new small ticket category- registration is required to receive this rate

Customers process most transactions using the Visa/Mastercard Interchange system which includes a % of transaction sale, plus per transaction fee for most businesses. The debit network works outside of interchange. Most businesses access this network by installing a PIN PAD attachment to their terminals. The debit network enables merchants to process most transactions for a FLAT PER TRANSACTION FEE instead of a PERCENTAGE FEE. If you do not have a pin pad or do not know if you are taking advantage of the lower cost debit network, CALL NOW.