What fields can I enter on a CenPOS mobile transaction?

iPhone app credit card payments screenshots below are from the CenPOS retail app available for free download at iTunes. The two methods to use the retail app, do not include the restaurant and tip option, which are configured in the merchant set up.

SCREENSHOT 1:  RETAIL SWIPE. The standard screen is ready to capture data via magnetic card reader attached to the iPhone. The receipt can be emailed, or printed.

iphone mobile payments screen shot


SCREENSHOT  2-3: OPTIONAL ADDITIONAL ACCOUNTING DATA. Next to the amount field is a small graphical image. Because this merchant has optionally chosen to collect additional data about the sale, the icon can be pressed and the clerk can assign transaction amounts to different accounting codes.

mobile payments accounting fields

 The accounting codes are used throughout different sources, such as the virtual terminal, or via an API.  Merchants can use exsiting templates, such as the school/religious file, or provide one of their own to upload. Benefits include saving time assigning data later, as well as real time reporting to a remote location, such as multiple schools and churches reporting back to the archdiocese.

SCREENSHOT  4:  KEY ENTERED TRANSACTIONS. This images shows part of the different data captured when a transaction is key entered vs swiped. This is a key differentiator for CenPOS. Key entered transactions have a greater burden of proof for merchants to prove it was the cardholder making the transaction. Absent of magnetic stripe data, and based on merchant rules, CenPOS will automatically prompt for additional fields and send the transaction with the right information for qualified card not present interchange rates.

key entered mobile payments

The CenPOS works with your existing processor, and is fast, easy, and requires no capital investment to implement. Call 954-942-0483 or click here for more information.

Mobile payments app for iPhone, iPad, Droid credit card processing- CenPOS compatible hardware

Accept credit cards on your smart phone or mobile device using your existing merchant account and the CenPOS payment network. The CenPOS mobile app is free. There are no additional fees above standard CenPOS usage rates. CenPOS is sold as SaaS and merchant rates vary by business volume and type of use.

ID-Tech makes a wide variety of reliable  mobile swipe products that are compatible with CenPOS mobile apps. Visit their web site for other options.


1. The iMag is an encryption capable MagStripe reader, also made by ID Tech. There are multiple versions, including one for iPhone 4. Encrypted MagStripe Reader for iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch. (Reads tracks 1, 2, and 3, bi-directional reading capabilities. For the power Apple user on a budget, the slim sleeve becomes a part of the phone and attaches at the bottom so you can still use your headset if desired. $61 at barcodesinc.com.

Card Swiping on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad

2. The Linea-pro 4 turns iPhone and iTouch into a powerful point of sale solution. It includes a 1D or 2D barcode scanner, a 3-track magnetic stripe reader, and a rechargeable battery extender in a compact protective case. As you can see from the picture, it’s nicely wrapped around your iPhone or Itouch. Purchase at Infinite peripherals or contact your CenPOS relationship manager. Choose this if you’re a heavy user and want a slim design, or integrated bard code reading, or integrated drivers license reading.  MSRP $599 and up.

linea pro 4 iphone credit card reader

3. http://www.idtechproducts.com/products/mobile-readers.html. The Shuttle, Two-Track Secure Mobile MagStripe Readeris compatible with almost everything. DRAWBACKS:  Because it plugs into the audio port, the app will open and close repeatedly, making this the least desireable for smooth, fast  transactions. Works with new and old Apple products like iPhone 3, 3G, 4, 4S and iPad 2, iPad 3, and tablets. The rubberized grip that touches the top of your smart device keeps it from slipping. Most other products on the market do not address this simple fix to an old problem- if the reader moves while swiping, contact may not be good and the user has to swipe a second or third time. Choose this if you are looking for low cost, versatile mobile reader. $48.50 at barcodesinc.com.  Shuttle, Two-Track Secure Mobile MagStripe Reader

Notes: CenPOS mobile app is free. Merchants need to contact CenPOS sales to open an account, which includes free virtual terminal, free mobile app, 7 years of data stored, remote user management, and many other benefits. CenPOS is a scalable hosted payment processing network supporting multiple payment methods. The CenPOS gateway connects to your existing merchant account. Merchants can purchase hardware from any source. Global Channel Sales & Business Development, Christine Speedy, 954-942-0483.

Visit iTunes to download Apple apps


May bulletin on iPhone app for mobile payments, interchange updates

May brings the usual April interchange update. There are two noticeable bumps for MasterCard. An overall assessment increase to .012% for all transactions over $1000, and up to .04% more for WorldCard. Full article and link to 2011 Interchange Rates and Criteria.

BUSINESS CREDIT CARDS: The typical interchange rate to merchants for corporate cards is 2.2% or 2.4%.  The non-qualified rate is a whopping 3.17% on MasterCard, which can be avoided with proper interchange management. Depending on your business type, you may qualify for large ticket (minimum $1000) rates which can save you up to 1%. To manage these business card fees, check your merchant statement PENDING INTERCHANGE CHARGES to see what rates you’re hitting. If your eyes glaze over at the complexity of interchange fees, merchant discounts etc, read the 3D Merchant Services blogor email a request to be included in our next interchange insights webinar. TIP: With our payment platform you can automatically offer discounts to your customers if they use lower cost debit cards.

MOBILE PAYMENTS: We’ve officially launched our app for iphone, itouch and ipad. This enables you obtain swipe rates from the field, including signature capture or you can key enter. Receipts are emailed to customers. For service companies, you can swipe the card the first time, then re-bill via a secure token for subsequent charges. In both cases you qualify for the lowest rate, plus mitigate risk with the initial swipe. Droid is available for key entry only, with retail swipe coming by June 30.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) COMPLIANCE AND DATA SECURITY: The number of 2010 data breaches exploded in companies with 11 to 100 employees. A key commonality is simply the opportunity was there. Read the full 2011 Data Breach report which includes insider theft so you can identify your own weaknesses and take corrective action. Your company is not PCI Compliant and protected under Safe Harbor unless you can prove you’ve been compliant continually, not just when you completed an annual report. Trust me, all parties will look for ways for you to assume the full burden of costs associated with any data breach.  Every operation I visit or speak to has weaknesses so please put this on your priority list!. Need help? Call and lets discuss.

What’s in your merchant statements?  Multiple locations are now achieving over 90% pin debit penetration using our universal processing platform, CenPOS. Way to go!

accept credit cards on your iphone with Payware

3D Merchant Services is now offering PAYware Mobile to accept credit cards on your iphone. A merchant account is required in addition to the iphone, iPhone credit card encryption sleeve, and secure gateway service.

Payware mobile is a bit like existing wireless merchant terminal service. You pay a separate fee for the service and the bill appears on your existing merchant statement. However, this service only works with iphone 3g and 3gs, not Blackberry or other models as of this writing. The iphone app is free.

You can see the encryption sleeve in the image below.
iphone payware mobile
iphone encryption sleeve

Verifone Card Encryption Sleeve

The PAYware Mobile credit card encryption sleeve is the only mobile product that delivers end-to-end encryption. The moment the card is swiped, data is encrypted and stays that way until the bank receives it. The phone never sees, nor does it store, any sensitive data.

The PAYware Mobile credit card encryption sleeve fits any iPhone 3G or 3GS model. The sleeve’s design is sturdy and compact, built to survive real world abuse.

  • Patented end-to-end encryption
  • Make more “card present” sales and save
  • Fits all iPhone 3G or 3GS models
  • Built-in stylus for signature capture

iphone payware mobile sleeve

After you download the iphone app at the app store, you’ll click the app any time you want to use it. When the little blue light appears ( by the guys lower thumb) you’re ready to swipe. You can pre-set sales tax and then modify as you go along or you can enter as needed. You can also add in a tip amount, or have it calculate automatically. Customers will sign the iphone with the stylus supplied. You can email the receipt. (No printer is included.)
iphone payware mobile images iphone payware transaction datapayware signature capture

HOW IT AFFECTS YOUR PAYMENT PROCESSING COSTS- You’ll pay card present costs. The app supports debit and credit cards. It does not support PIN based debit.

WARRANTY- VeriFone generally provides a limited hardware warranty of 12 months in the United States. The warranty period for each Product is calculated from the date the Product is shipped or the date title to the Product passes to Customer, whichever date is earlier.

REPORTING- In addition to your existing merchant account reports, you’ll also have access to the PAYware mobile gateway reporting system. If you have 1 or many units, all the data appears in one portal for management review in real time.

ESTIMATED PAYWARE OPERATING COSTS-   These are in addition to your cell phone and merchant services fees.

The mobile carder is free with a two year contract while promotions last.   Otherwise it’s $149. The gateway monthly fee is $15 – $30 a month and transaction fees vary as a per transaction fee or a percentage of each transaction. Some gateway providers offer a special “dormant fee” that allows you to keep your account open for a small fee during the months you don’t need it if you have a seasonal business.

Call if you’d like a quote for your company.