ZDnet reports on McAfee, HackerSafe certification

Dan Godin posted a great article that was picked up by The Register a couple days ago about continued challenges for McAfee’s newly purchased HackerSafe division. I find the article interesting as HackerSafe uses a scanning tool that probes for web application security flaws of course, tools are limited in that they can only check for easy to automate issues like SQL Injection. By Nathan McFeters | May 1, 2008, 4:56pm PDT

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More bad news for McAfee, HackerSafe certification

McAfee completes acquisition of ScanAlert

On Feb 7, McAfee, Inc. announced the acquisition of ScanAlert, Inc., creators of the HACKER SAFE® trust mark, the world’s leading provider of ecommerce Web site security services.

ScanAlert, with it’s HACKER SAFE technology protects over 75,000 web sites. In addition to being used by the majority of the Internet Retailer Top 500 list, it is the only trust mark displayed within the search results of major comparison shopping sites including PriceGrabber, Yahoo ® Shopping and Pronto.com. As a leading provider of PCI compliance services, ScanAlert also delivers multilingual PCI validation to merchants and payment processors in over 70 countries. Tens of thousands of organizations – from small online businesses to FORTUNE 500 multinationals – rely on ScanAlert to protect, audit and certify the security of their networks and ecommerce infrastructure.

HACKER SAFE provides shoppers with the confidence of the most trusted security seal in the world. By displaying the HACKER SAFE certification on their website, shoppers of ScanAlert customer sites instantly know that they are a secure web site and respond by buying more from them. Over 800 websites have published the results of A/B split tests with the HACKER SAFE seal, showing an average of 14% more sales from shoppers who see the seal.

For consumers, Web security is about protecting your personal information, your family and friends from cybercriminals while you search, surf and shop the Web.

For organizations providing safe and secure ecommerce and online transaction services, Web security is a critical element of their overall security risk management framework.

With this acquisition, McAfee now offers the industry’s first complete web security solution. ScanAlert’s HACKER SAFE trust mark complements McAfee SiteAdvisor Web rating system to deliver safe search, surf and shop.