Electronic bill presentment and payment improves PCI Compliance

Electronic bill presentment and payment, or EBPP, improves PCI Compliance by removing employees from having access to credit card information. Instead of credit card numbers on fax forms or employees accepting payment information over the phone, simply send an e-invoice which the customer can click to pay.

The image below shows the landing page after a customer clicks the text message or email link to pay.

electronic bill presentment and payment

Better than electronic invoicing, our solution enables customers to make payments right from the email. Why is this important? By delivering the invoice and the ability to pay without logging in, you’ll dramatically reduce time from invoice to payment collection.

EBPP sales sheet (PDF)

Our EBPP is fast, easy to use, and requires no capital investment to implement. For sales call Christine at 954-942-0483 or click here for more information.

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment – EBPP billing service

Extending traditional electronic billing solutions, 3D Merchant announces a new solution that enables merchants to deliver invoices and receive payments via email. Electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) is a process that enables bills to be created, delivered, and paid over the Internet. The new service utilizes a payment object to enable secure payments in a PCI Compliant environment.

Here are some of the more significant competitive advantages over others on the market:

  • Pay via email embedded object with check or credit/debit card – no login required.
  • Pay in store cash, check or credit/debit card
  • Automated discounting with payment type steering- offer customers a percent or a flat amount for using your preferred payment type
  • Automated resend if bill is not paid
  • Merchants can look up customer transaction history regardless of payment location- retail, phone, or EBPP
  • Interchange optimization and least cost routing – system dynamically qualifies merchant for lowest cost interchange
  • Eliminate software, hardware and human errors across all payment input types
  • Extensive research capability- 7 year data storage using elements that merchants really want to look up- by customer name, invoice number, last 4 digits of a credit card and other criteria.


EBPP Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment

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