Condensed merchant guide to payments related legislative updates 2010 to 2012

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, including the Durbin Amendment, set off a series of changes in the financial world, several with big impacts to businesses. This bulletin reduces hundreds of pages of regulations into a a two page overview. Included are critical excerpts from each regulation, advice, and real world solutions you can use to leverage legislation to your benefit. It answers the questions-  What do I need to know, and how can I use this to improve EBITDA and reduce risk?

This reference guide is targeted primarily towards the needs of businesses that match our current and future client base. Mid to large size retail and card not present business operations including manufacturers, distributers, non-profits, utilities, retailers, and non-grocery, non-fuel entities.

• Lower cost debit coming soon will create huge incentive for merchants to drive debit.
• Merchants may steer customers to lower cost payment methods by offering discounts and publicly stating their preference for payment types.
• Merchants may be held criminally liable for identity theft.
• Merchants need to make it easy for customers to opt-out of recurring billing.
• Merchants updating technology should consider the flexibility they’ll have for ongoing regulation changes.

Dodd Frank Wall street reform merchant condensed report adobe PDF

Download PDF 3D Merchant Services Condensed Guide for Merchant Payments Related Legislative Updates 2010, 2011 and to 2012. An apology in advance, it was very difficult to fit and is best viewed on your screen.

Download secondary PDF about some of the solutions mentioned. 3D Merchant Payment Processing Technology to increase debit and other benefits.

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Is there a way to automatically discount for debit cards?

Yes, merchants using our CenPOS switch technology can automatically create discounts to encourage customers to use their debit card. The subtotal, total, and discount appear on the receipt. Our switch technology empowers the merchant to enter amount to discount, what cards, and even time of day you want to make the offer.

  • Cash or percentage discount?
  • Offer extended based on card type- ie if MasterCard debit, offer 1% discount
  • Schedule days and time of day to make offer. With our real time reporting, you can see when discounting will have the biggest impact and only make the offer during those times.


Do I need to switch credit card processors? No.

Do I need special equipment? In a retail environment, yes. You need an approved terminal connected  to a computer with high speed internet. That could be a simple card reader or a signature capture terminal. For card not present, merchants must use our gateway.