Why cost reduction specialists partner with 3D Merchant

Cost reduction specialists choose 3D Merchant Services to partner with for credit card processing because we offer value added services just like they do.  Cost reduction specialists look for ways to reduce credit card processing costs and frequently are paid on a contingency basis. Merchants don’t switch processors just to save money though. They need a bigger reason than that.

Merchants hear from sales people every day “I can lower your costs.”  While some cost reductions are achieved with merchant discount changes, most long term savings are achieved through interchange management. There’s also improved efficiencies (save time) which can be huge. If the cost reduction specialist uses just the  ‘save money’ approach, they’ll lose more deals than ‘save money AND get more benefits’.

Our competitive advantage:

  • PCI Compliance Certification Assistance.
  • Fortune 100 Pricing Structure.
  • Relationship Manager proactively helps you manage costs; regular account reviews.
  • On demand access to transaction details and reports you really want.
  • Tools and resources to prevent internal and external fraud.
  • Hardware/software agnostic- compatible with most systems.

Our Top 5 vertical markets: ( not in order)

  • Retail, especially durable goods, automotive, construction supplies and electronics.
  • Non-profit
  • Wholesale building supply; any Business to Business (B2B)
  • Hotel and entertainment (golf, amusement)
  • Ecommerce

Market niche comments:

  • Card not present transactions have many potential cost and risk problems. We’re seeking B2B, insurance, medical billing and non-profits in particular.
  • For retail stores processing more than $1 million per month, our CenPOS technology solution is frequently desirable and has benefits not available from other competitors.
  • Our average merchant is processing a minimum of $1 million annually.

Service reliability- I hope that this is a non-issue in any organization. Downtime is non-existent in my experience.

Another worry for merchants is the process of changing.  We address this upfront with an implementation schedule. Both parties need to have all elements or questions answered completely before we start to ensure a smooth and flawless transition.

For the Cost Reduction Specialist to prove savings, and thus get paid, you’ll need reporting that shows not only costs, but the full detail of all costs. Merchant reports show full details so that you can discern non-negotiable cost increases (such as an interchange rate increase) that are out of anyone’s control.

Our services are not limited to just credit card processing. We offer services for all aspects of payment processing, including checks, loyalty cards and more.

We conduct account reviews, training, and other conference calls using Webex, a web based meeting program that allows us to exchange voice, data, pictures and video in real time with customers, and you, regardless of location.