iPad credit card terminal: ePN vs CenPOS

This mobile POS review compares 6 features for swiping credit cards via an iPad mobile app. The features are:


epn mobile


cenpos mobile payment app

Credit card processing- is the app compatible with many merchant services companies or is it proprietary?  universal  universal
Can the app store or use tokens in the transaction process. Tokens replace sensitive payment data. By enabling tokens for repeat customers, merchants can gain insights into customers.  no yes
Scalability: is it one app = one account, or can a merchant access data by user, by location, etc. Is it part of a suite of solutions to reduce PCI burden? centralized control & reporting  centralized control & reporting
Multi-channel: are all channels integrated with one reporting hub?  yes  yes
Fee relief: does the app have any intelligence to help merchants manage the cost of accepting payments, including swipe vs. key entered?  no  yes
Data storage: How long is data retrievable for? Searchable and exportable data helps reduce reduce audit costs, creates efficiencies, and improves business insights ? 7 year minimum

The review is based on publicly available information at the time of this writing. Technology products can change rapidly and readers are encouraged to review respective web sites for the latest information.

There are 62 Point of Sale (POS) apps listed on Infinite Peripherals App Partners. Infinite Peripherals is a leading provider of POS hardware for Apple products including the iPad.

To keep the list manageable the topics list is relatively small so merchants can see at a glance key differences. Your blog author, Christine Speedy, sells the CenPOS private cloud suite of payment processing solutions, that includes a free mobile app, compatible with all Infinite Peripherals products. Although other apps are also available from our partners, usually they don’t stack up to CenPOS after a consultation.

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For CenPOS sales, please ask for Christine Speedy.

Mobile payments app for iPhone, iPad, Droid credit card processing- CenPOS compatible hardware

Accept credit cards on your smart phone or mobile device using your existing merchant account and the CenPOS payment network. The CenPOS mobile app is free. There are no additional fees above standard CenPOS usage rates. CenPOS is sold as SaaS and merchant rates vary by business volume and type of use.

ID-Tech makes a wide variety of reliable  mobile swipe products that are compatible with CenPOS mobile apps. Visit their web site for other options.


1. The iMag is an encryption capable MagStripe reader, also made by ID Tech. There are multiple versions, including one for iPhone 4. Encrypted MagStripe Reader for iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch. (Reads tracks 1, 2, and 3, bi-directional reading capabilities. For the power Apple user on a budget, the slim sleeve becomes a part of the phone and attaches at the bottom so you can still use your headset if desired. $61 at barcodesinc.com.

Card Swiping on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad

2. The Linea-pro 4 turns iPhone and iTouch into a powerful point of sale solution. It includes a 1D or 2D barcode scanner, a 3-track magnetic stripe reader, and a rechargeable battery extender in a compact protective case. As you can see from the picture, it’s nicely wrapped around your iPhone or Itouch. Purchase at Infinite peripherals or contact your CenPOS relationship manager. Choose this if you’re a heavy user and want a slim design, or integrated bard code reading, or integrated drivers license reading.  MSRP $599 and up.

linea pro 4 iphone credit card reader

3. http://www.idtechproducts.com/products/mobile-readers.html. The Shuttle, Two-Track Secure Mobile MagStripe Readeris compatible with almost everything. DRAWBACKS:  Because it plugs into the audio port, the app will open and close repeatedly, making this the least desireable for smooth, fast  transactions. Works with new and old Apple products like iPhone 3, 3G, 4, 4S and iPad 2, iPad 3, and tablets. The rubberized grip that touches the top of your smart device keeps it from slipping. Most other products on the market do not address this simple fix to an old problem- if the reader moves while swiping, contact may not be good and the user has to swipe a second or third time. Choose this if you are looking for low cost, versatile mobile reader. $48.50 at barcodesinc.com.  Shuttle, Two-Track Secure Mobile MagStripe Reader

Notes: CenPOS mobile app is free. Merchants need to contact CenPOS sales to open an account, which includes free virtual terminal, free mobile app, 7 years of data stored, remote user management, and many other benefits. CenPOS is a scalable hosted payment processing network supporting multiple payment methods. The CenPOS gateway connects to your existing merchant account. Merchants can purchase hardware from any source. Global Channel Sales & Business Development, Christine Speedy, 954-942-0483.

Visit iTunes to download Apple apps


Mobile Payments at Gaming table- credit and debit card

Members of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) are invited to try our updated mobile payment application, supporting pay at the table, where allowed by law.  The mobile payments applications support sale amount and tip, plus surcharge fee as a percentage or fixed amount, along with custom data capture options. Open to OECS members in Antigua, Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Partial feature list of private cloud based payment network:

  • Secure card swipe
  • Signature capture- stored for 7 years
  • Custom rules based fraud features
  • Custom rules based automated alerts
  • Remote user management
  • Remote supervisor override
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion supported
  • Robust multi-location reporting
Apps are available for iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Droid and rugged tablets, the most popular casino choice.

rugged tablet for payments motion computing

For more information, and compatibility with your existing merchant account, please contact Christine Speedy.

credit card scanner for iphone 4 like Apple

What is the best iPhone credit card reader? The Linea Pro, by Infinite Peripherals, was popularized as the hardware used in Apple Retail stores to facilitate rapid customer checkout. The Linea Pro is a sleeve for an iPhone or iPod touch. Merchants also need an iPhone app for credit card processing.



Linea Pro The Linea Pro is a sleeve for an iPhone or iPod touch. In addition to providing a moderate level of durability and protection to the iPod touch, it also offers a hot-swappable battery that not only powers the scanner but also serves to keep the iPod fully charged. The Linea Pro has both a 1D/2D barcode scanner and magnetic stripe reader, which makes it perfectly suited for applications like retail point-of-sale where the product can be scanned and the customer’s credit card swiped. The Linea Pro is the perfect device for many types of applications, and although the latest version now supports the iPhone 4/4S and iPod 4th Gen, the Linea Pro does not work with the iPad. $499-599, ipclineapro.com.


Linea Pro offers a a few portable printer options. Star Micronics America has announced the availability of iOS and Android drivers for all of its printers. The drivers allow end-users to utilize Star Micronics printers in tandem with Apple iPad™, iPod Touch®, iPhone® and Android devices to generate receipts and perform related functions in retail and restaurant environments.  The TSP100ECO is a popular receipt printer priced at about $235 online.  They also offer a line of portable receipt printers.

MOBILE SOFTWARE:  Linea Pro is a hardware only company. Special software must be used to process the information captured by the barcode scanner and magnetic stripe reading feature. Linea-pro does not come with any included software.


Transform your Apple device into a secure credit card terminal allowing you to accept card swiped, hand keyed and tokenized transactions. CenPOS Mobile is your entry point into the CenPOS community connecting you to all of your CenPOS payment acceptance platforms- including retail, online, ecommerce, phone orders, kiosk, and electronic bill presentment and payment. Access detailed reporting for transactions that occur throughout your business enterprise, not only on your CenPOS Mobile device. Our unique offering does not require you to change financial services providers, and is easy to implement. The app is free. CenPOS SaaS pricing is based on business volume.

CenPOS Mobile Features

  • Receive credit card authorizations quickly and securely on the go.
  • Full transactional array including: Sale, Repeat Sale, Create Token, Authorization, Force, Return, Credit, and Void
  • Capture signatures electronically by having the customer sign on your CenPOS Mobile Device.
  • Deliver customized receipts instantly to customers by email.
  • Easy enterprise level reporting that allows you to view all payment activity through CenPOS. Payments made through your CenPOS Mobile device, retail location, and ecommerce website can all be seen in one location.
  • Generate credit card authorizations by either swiping a credit card, manual entry, or through the use of a token*.
  • Payment information is hosted and not stored on your CenPOS mobile device.
  • Free software and no surcharge to use any of our other products
  • 7 years data storage vs typical 12 to 18 months
  • Remote supervisor approval, cashier permissions, and password change/ unblock

* Tokens are unique randomly generated alpha numeric character sets that replace the credit card information so that data can be securely stored for repeat and recurring sale needs.

INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS: IPHONE 4, LINEA PRO 4 AND CENPOS MOBILE work together to create efficiencies, mitigate internal and external fraud risk and control credit card processing expenses.

  • Business to Business:  Sales representatives capture credit card swipe at time of order with ‘dummy proof ‘ prompts, eliminating exposed credit card numbers on paperwork; store data for future payment processing. Qualify for both retail and MOTO interchange rates for lowest costs for each transaction type.
  • Non-profit and event fundraisers: speed up checkout for silent auctions and capture valuable data about your donors using QR code and other options.
  • Automotive industry: new car dealers deliver parts and record date, time, location when signature captured. License scann
  • Restaurants: pay and sign at the table
  • Casino:  Credit at the table (Regulatory restrictions may vary.)
  • Retail: Integrated bar code reader and payment app, holistic solution for multi-channel sales back office reporting.
  • Telecom: Holistic solution for customers to pay bills in store at kiosk, buy new services on devices you sell, and pay bills online.
  • Pawn & gun shops: integrated scanning of drivers license.


iPhone vs iPad:  The iPad solution is a bit clunkier due to the size of the iPad and method to attach peripherals. The iPhone sleeve is very thin and wraps around the iPhone. Which is best? It depends on your situation. For a fixed cashier station, the iPad may be the better choice, while for walk-around, the iPhone may be the best option.

Key- entered transactions: If you key enter a transaction on a retail merchant account, you’re required to get a signed receipt to defend against disputes. The assumption is that the customer is present, but the card didn’t swipe, so it’s a face to face transaction. CenPOS offers an alternative option. The merchant can choose to have all key-entered transactions submitted with the MOTO, or card not present, indicator. This is a key differentiator of other products. Call for details.


Contact Christine Speedy 954-942-0483 for the entire range of products in this article, including CenPOS direct. Merchants can buy hardware from any source. We’re hardware and payment processor neutral.


Card not present, Mobile payments and American Express Merchant account

This article highlights another hidden way we help business to business companies reduce the cost of accepting credit cards. If your company primarily accepts credit cards as Card Not Present, you have a MOTO merchant account. Many merchants are now looking at adding mobile payments to lower the cost of accepting payments. However, just like with Visa, MasterCard and Discover,  merchants need to follow certain rules that almost no one is telling merchants about.

American Express has a non-swiped Transaction fee of .30% for non-swiped transactions on top of their regular Discount Rate. So if you swipe the card, you automatically get the lower rate, yes? No!

Here’s the non-swiped Transaction fee rule: A fee applied to any Charge for which we did not receive both (i) the full Magnetic Stripe, and (ii) the indicator as to whether the Card was swiped.

When you applied for your American Express merchant account, it would have been set up as MOTO. This means transactions are sent with the MOTO indicator. If you swipe cards on a mobile device, your processor or gateway or virtual terminal is still sending the all transactions with the MOTO indicator. So you pay .30% above the discount rate because your system is telling them it’s a non-swiped transaction.

How you can save .30% with mobile payments, without creating a separate mobile merchant account? Our intelligent payment processing platform automatically detects how the transaction is accepted, swiped or key entered, and then will automatically change the indicator to RETAIL (swipe) so that you qualify for the lower rate.

Here’s how it works:

  • Keep your existing merchant accounts.
  • Add our intelligent Virtual terminal for all transaction types and acceptance points.
  • Process all transactions through our Saas payment processing solution.
  • Transactions are dynamically routed automatically to mitigate risk and qualify all transactions for the lowest rates.