ADP Dealer Services and CenPOS, Inc. Enter Into Exclusive Strategic Integration Agreement to Provide Retail Electronic Payment Processing Services to Automotive Dealer Clients

Introduces Secure, End to-End Payment Solution, ADP ePayments

ADP Dealer Services

January 06, 2014 06:00 ET

ADP Dealer Services and CenPOS, Inc. Enter Into Exclusive Strategic Integration Agreement to Provide Retail Electronic Payment Processing Services to Automotive Dealer Clients

Introduces Secure, End to-End Payment Solution, ADP ePayments

HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL–(Marketwired – Jan 6, 2014) – ADP Dealer Services, Inc., a division of ADP® and a leading global technology solutions provider dedicated to helping dealerships drive measurable results across every area of their operation, announced today an exclusive, strategic integration agreement with CenPOS, Inc. to provide ADP Drive Dealer Management System clients with a secure, end-to-end payments solution called ADP ePayments. The integration will revolutionize how dealers engage their customers, while also drastically reducing back office expenses — a crucial change given the forecasted rise of mobile transaction volume over the next five years.

“CenPOS will provide ADP dealers with a multi-channel payment solution that can help accelerate payment processes, increase customer enablement and reduce overall costs,” said Justin Sprague, Vice President of Product Marketing at ADP Dealer Services. “With an enhanced, cloud-based, intelligent payment solution, customers will be able to make payments any way, anytime, anywhere.”

The new, integrated solution will be test driven in the marketplace by Braman Cadillac, Miami, Fla. — one of the premier groups of luxury dealerships operating in Florida and Colorado. “CenPOS helped us automate our customer payment processes, decrease our interchange fees, and reduce the risk of fraudulent activity,” Omar Castillo, Controller of Braman Cadillac said. “ADP ePayments leverages the capabilities of both companies. The integration between ADP and CenPOS will allow our dealerships to focus on engaging with customers and creating a seamless consumer experience. Braman prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service and believes this innovation will help us take it to even higher levels.”

ePayments acts as a total payment solution for dealerships and their customers. For example, customers can pay an invoice online, or through the Service Advisor using a mobile device as part of the ADP ServiceEdge(SM) solution, and receive an email or text notification of the transaction. Dealers can also manage accounts payable and receivable electronically in their ADP Drive Dealer Management System.

By automating a variety of manual processes and reducing staffing requirements, ADP ePayments can help streamline workflows as well as improve dealership efficiencies and expense management — resulting in increased profitability.

ADP ePayments is being launched in response to key trends emerging in the marketplace that require a total payment solution:

  • Global mobile transaction volume and value is expected to average 35 percent annual growth in the next 5 years, according to Gartner, Inc.
  • Consumers expect payment flexibility, without waiting in lines — “shop anywhere” is the new norm
  • The widespread increase of data security breaches highlights the need for dealerships to have a secure payment solution that removes sensitive consumer information from their systems

“These trends are just a few examples of why dealers want to implement a mobile-driven, self-service payment solution that creates a frictionless buying experience for customers and staff alike,” said Christopher Justice, Chief Executive Officer of CenPOS. “ADP’s strategy of integrating its best-in-class applications with CenPOS’s intelligent payment services perfectly meets the growing consumer demand.”

ADP and CenPOS will showcase the new ADP ePayments solution at the NADA Convention & Expo on January 24-27 in New Orleans, LA.

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About CenPOS
CenPOS is a merchant-centric, end-to-end payments engine that drives enterprise-class solutions for businesses, saving them time and money, while improving their customer engagement. CenPOS’s secure, cloud-based solution optimizes acceptance for all payment types across multiple channels without disrupting the merchant’s banking relationships. For additional information, please call 877.630.7960 or visit

Report from NADA 2010 on Dealer Management Services

Report from NADA 2010 on Dealer Management Services. Christine’s observations and personal opinions after attending my first NADA show.

The Big Two, Reynolds and Reynolds and ADP had large booths and they pushed a broad array of dealer services. As far as differentiation, I was unable to get a good idea because their booths were so busy with customers and prospects. The buzz about each was very different. Do you use?Love them! Never!were dealer responses to my questions about who their DMS is currently. Certainly, dealers are very opinionated about their partners.

Reynolds and Reynolds customers I’ve met in the last year have told me it’s difficult or impossible (at least on their time schedule) to get ports open or access for third party companies. A quick search on this subject today revealed information about the growth of their third party access program, including claiming they have the largest program for access of any dealership services in the industry. See Reynolds and Reynolds third party integration press release.

I met with George Kassis, President of DOCVision, a Reynolds and Reynolds ERA certified partner exhibiting at NADA 2010. I also spent time in his booth listening to customers. Like many smaller exhibitors that could be overwhelmed by larger displays, DOCVision sometimes had difficulty drawing in prospects, however, once they were in, the company lived up to its motto “see what you are missing”. Dealers were amazed at the daily reports available from their Reynolds and Reynolds data. The reports provide transparency for financials and inventory, such as knowing what inventory has sales pending against it. Everyone I saw get a demo specifically asked for a follow up after the show. DOCVision also provides custom forms programming and anticipates integrating with ADP in Q2 2010.

ADP was so busy the entire show that I wasn’t able to spend any time in their booth. It would have been nice to learn more about the products my dealer customers use, but since I was attending as an exhibitor, not a prospective customer, I was happy to let them tend to their customers and prospects. There were two exhibitors with ADP 3rd party integration products of interest. DealerSafeGuardSolutionS and CenPOS. DealerSafeGuardSolutionS attacks identity theft issues with a simple, inexpensive solution. I really like the user interface. The solution secures documents, restricts access, and easily lets the right people access the documents at the right time. I recommend dealers attend a Webex demo. It’s worth your time, because even if you don’t think you need it, you’ll learn something valuable. CenPOS, (3D Merchant Services is an authorized reseller) mitigates risk, improves efficiencies and improves payment processing cost management. CenPOS also expects to integrate with DealerTrack and Reynolds and Reynolds later this year.

It was my impression that DealerTrack was competing head to head with ADP and Reynolds and Reynolds for their DMS business, though I understand that wasn’t always the case. I really liked DealerTrack’s booth graphics as a draw. One showed the percentage of customer attrition and satisfaction vs. their competitors. The competition was down 85% in 2009.  DealerTrack, up double digits. Their main graphic is switch your DMS and save 50%. I haven’t talked to a lot of dealers that are so in love with their DMS that they’d never consider changing in this economy where looking at numbers is more important than ever. No one wants to sacrifice value for dollars, but the impression I’m getting is that DealerTrack has built solutions from the ground up, delivering what dealers want.

Additionally, they encourage 3rd party integrators to expand meeting dealer needs with their OpenTrack solution. OpenTrack is an interface into the DealerTrack DMS. It gives third-party solution providers real-time bi-directional access to a dealership’s data.

In conclusion, it looks like there is a big battle for DMS market share and dealers can expect increased third party integration options as well as price competition in 2010.

Disclaimer: The article represents my personal observations opinions as a first time NADA attendee, as well as customer experiences prior to the show.