Is my nurit 8000 PCI PED Compliant?

To clear up the confusion on which Nurit 8000 wireless terminals are PCI compliant, you must look at the part number on the bottom of your machine. If the part number begins with 8010, it is not compliant. The only wireless part number that is compliant to include new 2010 pin entry device requirements begins with 8020.

Why does the manufacturer web site list only the 8000, when the current unit is the 8020 or 8020S? One can only guess. From a marketing standpoint, Nurit 8000 is synonymous with wireless credit card processing. Or maybe the web site is just out of date. I have no idea.

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PCI PED security standards web site, which maintains a list of approved pin entry devices. Enter Nurit in the search bar.

Nurit 8000 official manufacturer web site info. The manufacturer site shows only “Nurit 8000”, including the brochure downloads. It does not specify whether it’s referring to an 8010, 8020 or any other unit. Verifone purchased Lipman, the original equipment manufacturer some years ago.

What are my choices if my unit is not PCI Compliant? If you want to stay in the Nurit family, check out the Nurit 8020 wireless terminal review and current sale price.