2 thoughts on “What is level 3 processing? What are merchant benefits?

    • Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it. I reviewed the web site above. It uses 3Delta Systems (3DSI) technology.
      Does 3Delta Systems (3DSI) send the merchant user transaction data for business to business (non-government) level 3 transactions? (If 3Delta Systems (3DSI) substitutes default data to send to the issuer, the answer is no.)
      Does 3Delta Systems (3DSI) support level 3 data for retail swiped transactions?
      Does 3Delta Systems (3DSI) technology have the intelligence to differentiate between, for example, a rewards card that does not need level 3 data, and a commercial card that does, and automatically prompt the merchant user to enter additional data?
      Does 3Delta Systems (3DSI) technology support prompting for level 3 only on qualified cards when using stored tokens, random alpha numeric characters that replace sensitive payment information?

      The answers above go to the heart of merchant card acceptance compliance and efficiencies. I urge any merchant to call me at 954-942-0483 for a consultation before choosing technology to support level III data processing.

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