1% Credit Card Processing

How many people do you think click on the ad “1% Credit Card Processing”? It offers FREE Equipment, Same Day Approvals & 24/7 Support. When you click through, you land on a web page that offers no explanation as to how you’ll get 1% Credit Card Processing.

If you believe you can get these rates, then you need to learn a lot more about how merchant rates for Visa & MasterCard are determined, and we have plenty of that information this blog. 1% would be below cost for most merchant transactions, assuming this is not a PIN DEBIT transaction. They advertiser doesn’t even bother to explain how you can get that 1% rate. In fact, it’s not mentioned anywhere on their web site. It’s just a gimmick to get you to click through.

Do you want your credit card processing with a company that tricks you to visit their web site? Merchant processing fees are complex enough without having to sift through deceptive advertising practices.

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