Security is everyone’s business: retail credit card processing

A brief security note for customers using one of our retail solutions.

Do not store passwords and login information on your desk or in any unlocked area.

What if the machine does not recognize the magnetic strip?  If the machine says “re-swipe”, then

  • Check to make sure terminal is swiping properly (test any card by swiping without charging)
  • Try swiping at a different rate of speed.
  • Check for valid card security features (hologram etc, imprinted security code etc)
  • If the card appears to be OK, and you have permission to key enter, enter the transaction information and then have the customer sign the printed receipt as usual.
  • Verify the signature and card data on the receipt match the actual card.

Note: if the 4 digits do not match- it is ALWAYS a fraudulent card.

If suspicious, hold onto the card and call your Voice Auth phone number. “I have a code 10 authorization request”. Cash rewards up to $1000 are available to merchants and employees for recovered cards, including $100 from Visa for a last 4 digit mismatch, if this procedure is followed.

Do not store card data outside the system for any reason. Use the Repeat Sale button if you need to securely store card data to re-bill at a later date. The encrypted card data is stored on PCI Compliant servers, never at the merchant location, and you can charge the account again with the token that will be issued.

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