What is MasterCard Data Integrity reporting?

MasterCard monitors the transaction data detail submitted by the acquirers, or merchant processors, to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data. Data integrity reporting is accessible by acquirers and when problems are found, merchants are notified, typically with a short timeframe to correct the problem before non-compliance assessments and fines will be allocated.

Merchants often experience an increase in Data Integrity failures when not compliant with changing rules. For example, a MasterCard Data Integrity reporting as failing Edit 21, Recurring CoF Monitoring, refers to using a stored Credential On File for recurring billing. These are merchant initiated transactions on a fixed schedule for a fixed amount. Per MasterCard, all recurring payments are considered credential-on-file transactions. 

“MasterCard requires POS entry mode= 10 (credential-on-file) to be sent for transactions identified as recurring.  Please work with the POS vendor and these locations to correct the POS entry mode. If corrections are not completed, merchants are subject to non-compliance assessments and fines will be allocated.”

POS is an abbreviation for Point of Sale, even though recurring billing is not run via a traditional point of sale device. The payment gateway is critical to compliance and most likely is not sending the correct data, though it’s possible problems exist in other areas of the payment ecosystem, for example, with the acquirer. All US merchants are required to be compliant with stored credential rules that rolled out over 2017 to 2018. Some gateways now support the correct data set for recurring billing, but still lack support for Installment and Unscheduled. Payment gateways and solutions providers rarely advise merchants when they don’t have a solution, just when they have something new. Thus businesses may be in for a surprise with an urgent notice to correct a compliance violation.

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