How to activate level III processing with CenPOS payment gateway

To activate level III processing from an existing merchant account that previously did not support level III processing, this article outlines the steps.

Both the merchant account processor and CenPOS need to make an update, then merchant switches from level II to level III when ready. The process is usually completed with 1-2 business days, but can take longer.

  1. Level III Merchant Account: Either a new TID* is created, or an existing TID is updated with the appropriate flags turned on. In most cases, a new TID is created so that if there’s an error, the processor can roll back to the old TID. Contact your merchant account salesperson to begin. Depending on the provider, CenPOS boarding team may need to provide guidance on the TID setup.
  2. The processor VAR setup sheet is returned to CenPOS to add to account (boarding), along with desired go live date.
  3. CenPOS switches merchant account to new TID.
  4. Merchant activates level III processing on CenPOS. See video below.

[leadplayer_vid id=”54E60C7B5DE75″]
* TID is an abbreviation for terminal identification. Basically, the TID setup is a set of instructions; i.e. what’s allowed and how it will be communicated

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