alternative for Visa stored credential

Need an alternative to to comply with stored credential rules, including for both recurring and Unscheduled Credential On File? does not yet offer a solution for Visa stored credential or Mastercard. This includes both merchant initiated transaction and customer initiated transaction in addition to the other items in the Visa Stored Credential Transaction framework and mandates effective October 14, 2017.

The payment gateway is the biggest piece of the puzzle for compliance. My clients were compliant back in 2017. Whether integrated or standalone, I can help you comply with this and many other rules that impact merchant fees and chargeback risk. Even B2B companies that never have chargebacks are at risk.

Call Christine Speedy, CenPOS Global Sales. 954-942-0483, 9-5 ET for all your recurring billing and stored credential payment gateway and virtual terminal needs. CenPOS is an integrated commerce technology platform driving innovative, omnichannel solutions tailored to meet a merchant’s market needs. Providing a single point of integration, the CenPOS platform combines payment, commerce and value-added functionality enabling merchants to transform their commerce experience, eliminate the need to manage complex integrations, reduce the burden of accepting payments and create deeper customer relationships.

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