CenPOS vs. Authorize.net education payment gateway solution

This graphic table illustrates some of the key differences of CenPOS vs Authorize.net. Using a Catholic High School for items needed, CenPOS crushes the gateway competition and it’s easy to see why schools are flocking to CenPOS.

CenPOS vs. Authorize.net education payment gateway

There’s no question that Authorize.net is a solid product from a reputable company. I’ve actually recommended and used them for over a decade. Has their innovation kept up with the wide variety of omnichannel payment processing needs? CenPOS provides better value in every key area, including automated recurring billing. Authorize.net only just entered the multi-payment source market, primarily through acquisition and tying different products together, whereas CenPOS was designed from the ground up to support all payment methods. This is key to why CenPOS is much more flexible to be customized and deliver real-time data that merchants  need to increase efficiencies in operations.


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