Replacement for Ingenico iSC Touch 480 End of LifeTerminals

Ingenico announced end of life for the iSC Touch 480 PCI-PTS v3/4.x models in March 2019 with sales ending December 2019. The purpose of this notice is to advise that Ingenico US is announcing a withdrawal from marketing and sale of the PCI-PTS v3/4.x models of the iSC Touch 480, including ISC480-11P2541A, ISC480-11P2809A and their subsequent updates with the last letter changing to B etc.

The market is moving on to new improved models and PCI-PTS v5, including the Ingenico Lane 8000. If you’re using this type of terminal, you need something to drive them, since unlike desktop terminals, they are just slaves to a technology solution that prompts screens for customers. If you do not already have a solution, we have both integrated and non-integrated cloud-based solutions.

Christine Speedy, Founder 3D Merchant Services, is a credit card processing expert with specialized expertise in B2B and omnichannel technology. Christine is an authorized reseller for Elavon and CenPOS products and services, in addition to other solutions. Call Christine for payment gateway, cloud technology, merchant services and check processing needs.

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