Free EMV terminals

emv smart card

EMV chip smart card.

Did your bank offer you a deal for $200 off an EMV terminal? Or another merchant services provider? Beware, everything that’s free comes with a price. Since there are so few terminals that are actually EMV certified, vs EMV capable terminals to accept chip cards, merchants can easily be pushed into the wrong solution for your business.

Distributors, manufacturers and any company that has a commercial account component (business to business), or that has a a mix of card not present and retail, should NOT use any desktop terminal. This will cost merchants a fortune in extra merchant fees that could be avoided with the right solution. Additionally, risk of increased losses from fraud could also rise.

Free terminals are not really free. The merchant account has to generate enough revenue to pay for it. If you were offered a free EMV terminal, we’ll price match your written offer, but more importantly, we’ll provide sound business advice for distributors, manufacturers, B2B, including HVAC and building supply companies.

We offer solutions that will work with your existing merchant account. Due to our many financial relationships, we’ll help you choose the best EMV terminal for your business needs, looking at the whole picture. 90% of merchant services salespeople only have one option, so that’s all they recommend, whether it’s the best or not.

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