Free and cheap EMV terminal

Verifone VX520 VX805 EMV terminal

Verifone VX520 terminal with VX805 EMV, NFC, debit pinpad.

Need a cheap EMV certified credit card terminal? For small business to consumer retail operations, new promotional prices range from $0 to $149, with a new merchant account. Which EMV terminals, who’s eligible and who are these terminals best for ?


  • FREE EMV terminal rental with new merchant account
  • $99 Verifone VX520 standalone contact
  • $149 Vx520 + Vx805 Pin Pad, supporting contactless EMV, NFC, pin debit
  • $49 Vx805 Pin Pad standalone


New customers only; new merchant account required for all promotional deals. For business to consumer retail customers only, including apparel, gift, and specialty retail stores. Exclusions: no restaurant, supermarket, travel agent or quickstop.


Small business consumer 100% retail operations with single store may be OK with this terminal, depending on volume and other factors. EMV should also be balanced with PCI. Businesses with mix of retail and MOTO, or that have corporate customers such as building supply or auto parts, are likely better served with other options. For other business types, and integrated POS with EMV, contact us for free consultation.

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