First Data EMV Certified Terminals For Chip Cards

Which terminals are EMV certified to accept chip cards with First Data today?  There are terminals that are First Data only compatible and there are terminals that can be used with any processor, but need to be certified for each payment solution integrated to First Data.

EMV Capable vs EMV Certified

  • EMV Capable or Ready: A terminal that has the hardware, but has not been certified. EMV capable terminals have been distributed for years in hopes to convert to EMV later. Not all capable machines will ever be certified for EMV.
  • EMV Certified: A terminal that has been certified to a specific processor, including specific application, if applicable.
  • EMV Activated: A merchant with an EMV certified terminal, and merchant account updated to accept chip card transactions.

EMV Certified For First Data:  Requires the merchant to use the certifying partner and have a First Data merchant account either direct or through an independent service organization. The terminals can generally be used with multiple processors, but each will have to choose to certify.

For example, the terminal is compatible with Paywhere and other applications, but each application will need to certify to First Data and or other processors.

  • VeriFone MX915, requires CenPOS, a merchant centric enterprise payment engine; contact Christine Speedy, 954-942-0483 for CenPOS sales and integrations.

    verifone MX915 EMV terminal

    Verifone MX915 multilane signature capture terminal

  • VeriFone E315/E335 PINPAD, requires High-Line payment gateway and merchant account
verifone e315 EMV

Verifone e315 EMV requires Apple® iPhone® 5 or Apple iPod touch® 5 and Highline merchant account

First Data EMV Certified Terminals: These terminals usually require a First Data merchant account and are locked to prevent use with other payment processors.

  • FD35 peripheral accepts EMV today. The FD35 must be paired with an FD50, FD50Ti, FD100, FD100Ti, FD200 or FD200Ti terminal.

    First Data FD35 EMV pin pad terminal

    First Data FD35 EMV PinPad

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