Top Credit Card Processing Services Ratings Revealed by 2022

Who are the best credit card processing companies right now? I received an email from for the month of March 2022. Each month they report the best credit card processing services around the world to assist businesses in selecting the best service to meet their specific needs. But how useful are these lists?

Their list for Best 10 top credit card processing services for March 2022 are:


2- Beacon Payments -First Data ISO

3- RTP Merchant Services – Web site does not exist

4- Electronic Transfer, Inc-  ISO / MSP of Merrick Bank

5- US Alliance Group- ISO of Wells Fargo Bank and several others

6- BankCard USA- ISO of Wells Fargo Bank and others

7- S & S Bank Card Systems – MSP/ISO of Elavon

8- PayProTec Elite, LLC – Web site does not exist

9- Harbortouch- ISO / MSP of Merrick Bank; restaurant and small business POS solutions owned by Shift4

10 -Argus Merchant Processing- ISO of Wells Fargo Bank

Number one on the list is PAYARC, a registered ISO/SP of Commercial Bank of California. First Data usually ranks as one of the top 3 largest US acquirers annually by dollar volume.  Why isn’t First Data on the list? The last time I checked, it was because the “meticulous evaluation process” requires that you pay to get on the list. That was the only criteria years ago. Their list is admittedly completely subjective. The latest disclaimer terms essentially say it’s possible to get on the list without paying, but in my limited review, I still didn’t see any of the big 5, which include Elavon, First Data, and Paymentech, among others. In their algorithm for getting selected for the top credit card processors, money is not listed as an item for consideration, but it is.

Here’s my main takeaways from this list:

  1. Pay to play makes the list questionable value.
  2. The “carefully analyzed” list includes two companies with defunct web sites. Are they out of business? Functioning web site from the links they provided would seem to be pretty basic.
  3. Never choose a vendor from a “best” anything list. My clients are primarily business to business, including high dollar item dealers (cars, trucks etc) and manufacturers. The knowledge to service these markets and recommend the best solution is entirely different than a restaurant or single location retail business. Pick a vendor (or salesperson) with experience in your core type of transaction.

Disclaimer: The information herein is the personal opinion of Christine Speedy based on years in the industry, attendance at industry trade show events, industry training, and reviews of all company web sites mentioned in this blog post.

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