1 thought on “Credit card surcharge rules and laws 2020

  1. I get many inquiries from cardholders who think they are wrongly being charged a fee. Chances are the merchant you’re dealing with is not compliant. One of the easiest ways to identify if there is a problem at retail:
    – Does the retailer distinguish between credit and debit? They can’t surcharge on debit.
    – Does the receipt have a separate line item for the surcharge?
    The easiest ways to identify if there’s a problem for card not present:
    – Is it a sizeable company and they charge 4%?
    – Is it a sizeable company and they charge 3.5%?
    What to do if this happens to you?
    If it’s automotive or B2B, and you want to continue a friendly relationship with them, send me the details that happened to you and I’ll advise them they need to change without telling who gave me the information.
    You can report them to the card brand networks.

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