Paay Alternative for EMV 3DS

Concerned about the Paay data breach and looking for an alternative EMV 3DS, specifically EMV 3-D Secure 2.2.0, solution for your card not present transactions? Ask Christine Speedy, a Qualified Integrator and Reseller certified by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. Additionally, Christine has extensive experience in the card not present world offering merchants multiple solutions. The best card not present payment gateway is a critical decision and as an independent agent, I will guide you to both the best technology and credit card processing acquirer for your specific business needs.

QIRs are integrators and resellers specially trained by PCI Security Standards Council to address critical security controls while installing merchant payment systems. QIRs reduce merchant risk and mitigate the most common causes of payment data breaches by focusing on critical security controls. Level 4 merchants process 1 to 1 million transactions annually and are mandated to use only QIR certified people for POS systems or terminals, if not doing internally.

Why bring up QIR for card not present or bigger merchants? Wouldn’t you rather have one of the few QIR cloud security trained in payment processing on your team? Paay does not have anyone listed on the PCI Council web site, though like Christine Speedy, there may be certified salespeople under a different company name. That’s because the certification follows the individual, not the company. Additionally, there is no requirement to use QIR’s at this time for card not present so Paay doesn’t need to have anyone QIR trained. There’s no specific certification of any kind required for ecommerce developers and integrators. Kind of crazy given the risks, huh?

EMV 3DS is a global security protocol with three primary beneficial outcomes:

  1. Fraud liability shift to issuer for “it wasn’t me, I didn’t authorize.” Merchants do not need to respond to a chargeback, when 3DS is invoked on a transaction, it will automatically shift liability to the issuer.
  2. Merchants can potentially qualify for even lower interchange rates on some cards due to lower risk associated with cardholder authentication. For example, merchants can save .20% on average with MasterCard UCAF rate qualification vs Merit 1 on some credit cards.
  3. Increased approvals and profits. With cardholder authentication, merchants can expect increased approvals per the card networks advice. False declines are a significant problem for cart abandonment and resulting lost sales.

Think of it like having a chip card for card present transactions. EMV 3DS is a messaging protocol that promotes frictionless consumer authentication and enables consumers to authenticate themselves with their card issuer when making card-not-present (CNP) e-commerce purchases. The additional security layer helps prevent unauthorised CNP transactions and protect the merchant from exposure to CNP fraud.

Level 3 purchasing expert for B2B credit card processing needs. HIPAA, GDPR, PCI and PSD2 and all the other compliance and security you need for your business are available.

Christine Speedy, Founder 3D Merchant Services, is a credit card processing expert with specialized expertise in card not present and omnichannel technology. Christine is an authorized reseller for Elavon and CenPOS products and services, in addition to other solutions. Call Christine for payment gateway, cloud technology, merchant services and check processing needs.

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