Credit card authorization form template alert

Searching for a credit card authorization form template? Maybe PCI compliant form or Microsoft Word compatible template? Stop! If your web browser is not up to date, just landing on the web site that has the form might introduce malicious code into a company’s systems and network, leading to a future data breach.

Businesses should be replacing traditional credit card authorization forms with other payment methods where the customer self-pays:

  • Hosted pay page
  • Push out a payment request via text or email

Per Visa, merchants are never allowed to ask for the security code on paper.  Merchants also cannot store the form with full card numbers. They increase risk of fraud and identity theft and nobody likes them!

What are the benefits of customer initiated payments?

  • Reduced merchant fees for some cards (3-D Secure cardholder authentication such as Verified by Visa must be enabled.)
  • Increased approvals with cardholder authentication.
  • Mitigate chargeback risk – with 3-D Secure cardholder authentication, fraud liability shifts to issuer.
  • More convenient for buyers- 24/7 payments on their schedule, not yours
  • Buyers are in control of choosing to store payment methods

How do you choose the best solution? Here’s some of our product differentiators:

  • PCI Compliant credit card authorization form generated automatically, should you have a need to get a signature to terms for storing and using stored cards.
  • 3-D Secure cardholder authentication supported.
  • Choose any acquirer.
  • Automated interchange management, including level 3 processing for business to business (B2B) and business to government (B2G), to reduce fees and maximize profits.
  • If preauthorizations are needed, ongoing authorization management is critical and we do that automatically.

Call Christine Speedy, PCI Council QIR certified, for simple solutions to complex payment transaction problems, 954-942-0483, 9-5 ET. CenPOS authorized reseller based out of South Florida and NY. CenPOS is an integrated commerce technology platform driving innovative, omnichannel solutions tailored to meet a merchant’s market needs. Providing a single point of integration, the CenPOS platform combines payment, commerce and value-added functionality enabling merchants to transform their commerce experience, eliminate the need to manage complex integrations, reduce the burden of accepting payments and create deeper customer relationships.

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