CenPOS universal processing platform

CenPOS is a technology solution with an intelligent switch that makes your credit cards, checks, loyalty program and alternative payments work better. It is NOT credit card processing. Ideal for mid and large size businesses with a large volume of payment transactions, including check and credit card.

Built by First Payment Systems to help companies more value out of their payment systems and combat the rising cost of electronic payments,  CenPOS only costs a small fraction of the savings and value that is instantly created. If you have the business volume,  you will realize SIGNIFICANT HARD DOLLAR SAVINGS.

What is CenPOS? Although there are many features and benefits, at the heart of the technology is the intelligent switch. It routes payment processing via the least cost method by identifying what it is and knowing the least cost way to process it. This all happens faster than a traditional desktop credit card terminal.

How does CenPOS work? For the retail merchant, a signature capture terminal with USB plug, hooked up to any computer with an internet connection is needed.  Additional information is available by scheduling a demo.

What else does CenPOS do? Please call for more information. The solution offers amazing benefits, including meeting future 2010 PCI Compliance requirements.

How much does CenPOS cost? A small fraction of your transaction costs. If you have the business volume,  you will realize SIGNIFICANT HARD DOLLAR SAVINGS, even after factoring in the cost of any equipment you may need and CenPOS fees. Typical savings are realized within the FIRST MONTH. You do not need to buy terminals from us. You can buy them anywhere or we can obtain them at wholesale cost for you.

Who is CenPOS for? Without revealing confidential information, CenPOS is ideal for brick and mortar retail environments. Installation is typically less than 5 minutes at each location.

How can I find out more about CenPOS? Call Christine at 954-942-0483. I work directly under the company President at First Payment Systems.

www.firstpaymentsystems.com 305-260-4442.
FPS is dedicated to enabling merchants around the world to accept, process, and reconcile electronic payments, including credit and debit card processing, check authorization as well as solutions for ecommerce, dynamic currency conversion, and multi-currency pricing. FPS offers leading edge solutions from internationally recognized processors and also integrates its own proprietary platforms with top acquirers. While most banks and ISO’s take a generalist approach, accepting every merchant and offering cookie cutter solutions, FPS understands that each market is different and offers distinct solutions for each customer.

ABOUT CenPOS: CenPOS is a processing platform developed by FPS. www.cenpos.com

ABOUT 3D Merchant Services:
3D merchant blog
3D Merchant Services is the online brand created by FPS independent agent and VP Marketing Christine Speedy to communicate a wide array of payment processing information to merchants and to develop business leads for FPS and CenPOS services. 3D Merchant itself does not offer any direct services to merchants.
TO ORDER CENPOS, CREDIT CARD PROCESSING, CHECK PROCESSING OR OTHER PAYMENT PROCESSING SERVICES, PLEASE CALL Christine AT 954-942-0483. Christine offers CenPOS, and other payment processing services, as an agent of First Payment Systems.

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