credit card processing for summer camps

It’s that time of year of heavy deposits for summer camps. Camps have learned they’ll get more early bookings by allowing parents to register online than if by mail alone. Here are some tips for camp companies:

1. PCI Compliance– if you take an order via the phone, do not store the CVV code. Once you have verified the card, you no longer have a need for it anyway. All card data must be stored under lock with restricted access.

2.  There are 3 types of merchant accounts: retail, ecommerce, and MOTO (mail order/ telephone order- card not present. Make sure you have the correct type(s) since this will affect your pricing plus your compliance with Card Association Operating Rules. For example, if you have a retail account, and you run ecommerce orders, you’ll not only pay hefty additional fees, you’ll also lose any chargebacks because you won’t have a signed receipt as required for retail transactions.

3. Debit usage is nearly on par with credit cards now. If you offer recurring billing, be sure to inform the customer of your procedures. Do you send a reminder email that you will be charging their account? This will help prevent potentially overdrawn accounts.

4. On your payment page, make sure you have a checkbox for the customer to “agree” to accept your refund policy. You can use a pop up for details or have the text right there. The box should be required to be checked. This step is needed to defend against future chargebacks.

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