Christine Speedy, CenPOS, 3D Merchant Services, Elavon

B2B credit card processing expert.

Level 3 processing for retail and card not present, plus ACH, checks and remote payments all in one solution.

Eliminate the merry-go-round of re-examining merchant account vendors every couple of years, seeking something 'better'. Whatever is on your wish list, 3D Merchant Services has it. Is cardholder verification impacting the order to ship process? Rules-based authentication automatically shifts counterfeit and "it wasn't me" fraud back to issuers.


PCI QIR Certified

Level 4 merchants, defined as less than 20,000 Visa or MasterCard e-commerce transactions annually, and all other merchants processing up to 1 million Visa or MasterCard transactions annually, are mandated to use PCI QIR certified individuals, if using outside resources for implementation. Companies are not certified, only individuals. Christine Speedy is QIR certified by the PCI council. All merchants can benefit from PCI QIR expertise for both integrated and non-integrated payment technology. Software upgrading and ERP implementations often utilize temporary technical help that repeatedly uses 'old code', because they are not familiar with credit card processing rules. This has contributed to a record number of data breaches in recent years.

Credit Card Processing Rules Expert

Most technology consultants and integrators have never read the Visa rules, arguably the toughest of the card brands, which directly impacts merchant risk and fees. The rules are complex and lack of knowledge to maximize profits is the norm, and even most credit card processing consultants.

Christine Speedy is a leading expert in understanding card acceptance rules complexities and various technologies that can influence compliance. She is a sought after B2B contributing writer, consultant, and speaker on the subject matter.

Maximizing profits during an epidemic:

Reducing merchant fees has more to do with proper authorization than rate negotiation.

Quick fact check: Do you have EIRF, Data Rate I, Standard/STD, misuse, compliance fees or integrity fees on your merchant statement? If yes, you have a problem I can fix and make you more profitable on the same merchant account.   No change to deposits with our processor agnostic, global payment gateway; keep your merchant account and financial partners including First Data, Chase Paymentech, Moneris, Tsys, CrossCheck, United Tranzactions (UCT), and others.

Technology is essential.

My core solutions drive efficiencies for buyers and sellers, automates collections, mitigates risks, and optimizes transactions to reduce fees. Get paid by ACH, credit card and alternative payments. If your B2B business still accept checks in the mail, or credit cards over the phone, it's time for an account review. Call 954-942-0483 now.

While my career has been largely with companies that have a B2B component, including automotive dealers, manufacturers, distributors and building supply, the restaurant and hotel industries have been devastated by the Coronavirus pandemic. Too many have not shifted technology and are losing business because of it; to help those in need, I'm offering account reviews in these industries as well.

Check out the 3D Merchant Services blog which includes published credit card processing wholesale rates, rules and more. Call now for all services, 954.942.0483.