Radiant Systems Compatible POS Software & Payments Solution




Retail Management Software

Integrated PCI Compliant Payments




A complete business management system, including seamless integration to Point of Sale (POS) with cloud payment processing.

Point of sale application is designed for touch screens and supports ESC/POS ticket printers, customer displays and barcode scanners.


  • Financial Management & Accounting- Chart of accounts, accounts, budgets, taxes, general accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank accounting, balance sheet, P&L, fixed assets, etc
  • Warehousing- Inventory always up to date and correctly valued; traceability to bin numbers, warehouses, lot & serial numbers.
  • Procurement/ Supply Chain Management- standardize and automate procedures, maximize cashflow, reduce waste
  • Master Data management- Reduce errors, centralizing data in a single, shared repository. Products, components, bills of materials, customers, vendors, employees etc. ERP helps you to organize and centralize the key data of your company, facilitating the rapid and easy flow of information among all areas implicated in different company processes

PCI compliant payments

  • Touchscreen point of sale with fully integrated cash register functions on a computer workstation
  • The only solution that removes cashiers from making mistakes at the point of sale that impacts the cost of accepting credit cards!
  • Mobile Payments
  • 7 years of payment data stored, including signature capture receipts, if applicable

Compare to CounterPoint POS

  • No mobile subscription fee vs Counterpoint monthly subscription fee
  • Automatically drives higher pin debit penetration, rmitigating risk ( dispute period reduced to 14 days and harder to lose pin-debit dispute) and reducing fees.
  • Automatically qualifies transactions for lowest interchange rate (credit card processing fees) for both retail AND MOTO, critical if you have card not present or recurring transactions.
  • Does NOT support EBT; Counterpoint offers Radiant Payment Services’ PIN-secured debit processing with EBT
  • Merchant rules-based Real time email alerts at no charge vs monthly subscription fee for email or SMS.
  • Both support loyalty card acceptance, however, if this is a core requirement, consult both for further details
  • Payment gateway stores data for 7 years, with signature captured receipts. (unable to confirm theirs, but most others are a maximum of 2 years)
  • Integrated online ecommerce store is available, but not a standard option; consult first.


  • Open source solution is scalable and third party plugins may be added.


  • Open Source POS, low flat rate price
  • Payment platform and gateway competitively priced based on business volume
  • Mobile included

Versatility: Supports card reader or signature capture terminals, mobile, tablet; supports debit, credit, ACH.

Communications: requires high speed internet connection.

Security: PCI Compliant

Deployment and updates: Back up your existing database, install the software, configure payments, import your existing database. Remote management of everything related to payments- users, reports, real time payments.