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Omni 3750 by Verifone

omni 3750 credit card processing systems

Simple, drop in paper load

The Verifone Omni 3750 is a desktop credit card processing terminal that also supports gift cards, prepaid phone cards, check services, and time and attendance processing to give you more bang for the buck.


The Omni 3740 and Omni 3750 point of sale systems can be used to accept credit cards through retail merchant accounts but also has a keypad enabling the merchant to manually key in credit card numbers to perform credit card processing for mail order merchant accounts, phone order merchant accounts, internet merchant accounts or e-commerce merchant accounts.

Although you can manually enter orders on most terminals, the key is DUAL MODE. You can have 2 merchant accounts with the same terminal. If you have a lot of phone orders or take deposits with swipe, and then key enter the balance on delivery of order, this may be the solution for you. Your personal analyst will help determine if having a second MOTO account for your telephone orders will be advantageous for you.

  • internal Visa PED Certified pin pad so if your merchant account is set up for ATM Cards, Check Cards & Debit Cards, the merchant can pass over the lightweight, ergonomic credit card machine to customers for PIN entry.
  • integrated quiet thermal printer virtually eliminates jams
  • Intuitive ATM-style interface, backlit display, large keys, and easy-to-read menu prompts reduce training and minimize clerk errors.
  • vertical, triple-track card reader which improves read rates and accommodates most magnetic-stripe cards provided by Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover (Novus), as well as ATM Cards , Debit Cards and Check Cards.
  • The credit card machine comes complete with all of the latest security features and also supports a variety of peripheral devices so you can add capabilities to your merchant account such as automatic check reader for latest check fraud reduction programs.
  • Verifone Omni 3750 Credit Card Terminal, comes includes built in smart card reader ideal for the most demanding chip card transactions, including EMV-required Dynamic Data Authentication (DDA).
  • Ethernet and dial-up capabilities are built into the same device, with no attachments required. Easily switch between Ethernet and dial-up—using a high-speed connection for some tasks and dial-up for others
  • Display and print logos, graphical fonts, and character-based languages.
  • File compression, used in conjunction with high-speed networks or high-speed modems, greatly streamlines application downloads.
  • internal PINpad supports PIN-based debit and EBT transactions.

Support for Payment and Value-Added Applications

• The terminal supports value-added solutions such as gift card, loyalty, electronic check, stored value, and age verification—for enhanced customer service and increased revenue.

CONS: The biggest complaints from customers are that compared to other units on the market, the paper roll is small at 90', resulting in a curl, and sometimes cumbersome to get to lie flat for a signature. The print is also small.

HOWEVER, we don't know of any other up-to-date DUAL mode terminals so this is the ONLY choice. There are some older systems on the market by other mfrs, but support is being phased out from major processors. Current owners of other brands may not be able to switch processors.

BULLETIN: this terminal is at end of life. It can still be used, but if replacing, contact for other options. Our smart virtual terminal supports multiple merchant accounts with one web based interface.