Ingenico i6580 signature capture terminal

Ingenico 6580 signature capture terminal


Ingenico i6580.

EMV chip-enabled to support NFC contactless
transactions. Requires optional accessory.



This terminal is END OF LIFE and now out of date. The Ingenico replacement product is the ISC 250 telium terminals from Ingenico, and newer products as they're introduced.

The Ingenico i6580 is an essential element for those seeking the CenPOS least cost routing payment processing solution.

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Versatility: accepts credit, debit, loyalty card, p-cards, plus Contact less, e-purse, prepaid and pre-authorized debit cards. It has a mag reader that can scan drivers licenses. (some features optional).

Communications: fast modem, ethernet; contactless EMV payment option supports mobile phone Near Field Communications (NFC) payment.

Security: EMV and PCI PED approved. Ingenico’s industry proven High Secure Core (HSC) supports powerful encryption (including RSA, DES AND 3DES) to provide the assurance of secure data and application management.

Software development: By enabling the integration of a host of additional applications and service into its terminals - including loyalty programs, pre-paid, and language or currency options - Ingenico allows merchants to generate significant incremental revenues.

Deployment and updates: Install and operate in under 5 minutes. Remote management. Power with USB plug in or standard power plug.

PROS: Future proof, versatile, durable, consumer friendly.

CONS: none identified to date.

Compare to the Ingenico i6550. Same unit, except this one has a color screen which may be a valuable tool for those using marketing message features.