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CenPOS Sales Sheet : card not present benefits, overall capabilities 2 pg pdf

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make a payment onlineA hosted paypage enables merchants to securely accept bill payments via the internet while reducing risk. Payment data is never captured nor stored on your servers.

Accept credit card payments and e-checks, also referred to as ACH or check 21 service. If your clients are not paying their bills on time or if you simply want to make it easier for customers to pay you, a hosted PayPage removes technical and security barriers to accepting online payments.

    There are two primary ways to use our Enterprise level online payment solution:
    1. Customers go to your web page to pay a bill. Login to the CenPOS PayPage administrative panel, then customize what data you want to capture, and the payment form is created for you. Link from your web page to the supplied URL, or copy and pasted the embedded code supplied, just 1 line of html. There's no need to create a special form or do any other work. It's all contained in your payment object.
    2. Integrate payment into a shopping cart or other form. You capture the sale as usual with your existing solution, but at the point payment is needed, our payment object is presented. There are multiple solutions to integrate, including passing responses back to your online store, CRM, or ERP.

    Your Online Payments page is hosted on CenPOS secure PCI Compliant servers.

    Merchant Benefits:

    • Enhances customer convenience with 24/7 self pay
    • "Green solution" reduces paper
    • Reduced scope for PCI Compliance: Card details are not entered or stored on your website
    • Fully integrated reporting with all other payment sources- one reporting module for all
    • Customize your hosted paypage with optional fields and confirmation checkbox
    • API and CSV export any data
    • Works with all major credit card processors; if you change processors, it's a simple, free update to point to the new processor. Requires an existing nerchant account.
    • Hosted solution - it's virtually the only solution that automatically helps you manage credit card processing fees with proprietary technology., Paypal and others do NOT offer this.
    • Virtual terminal included FREE
    • Mobile app included FREE
    • Automatically reminds customers of expiring cards (if stored)

    Customer Benefits:

    • Make payment on their schedule, not your office hours
    • Option to securely store (multiple) payment information for future use for quicker payments later


  • 7 years data stored by data fields you really want. Most companies offer 12-18 months with limited search fields.
  • Extensive insight into types of cards submitted, including card issuing bank.
  • Automated email alerts based on criteria you decide
  • Location Services: IP address for web payments and GPS for mobile payments

User management

  • Complete control over EACH feature a user has access to including sale, void, refund, auth adding new customers, reports etc. Improve risk management and reduce risk of internal and external fraud with the most advanced user controls of any system available.
  • Web payments are recorded as a unique user so you can easily identify 'self-pay' transactions

PCI Compliant

  • Certified PCI Compliant

Flexible Implementation

  • API available to integrate with your existing systems
  • Embed iFrame on your web site to make payments
  • Link to your CenPOS custom URL

Industry applications:

  • bill payments
  • medical billing
  • law firms
  • accountants
  • manufacturers
  • wholesale distributors
  • professional services
  • non-profit donations
  • political donations
  • Collection agencies