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One solution for all payment channels reduces back office and customer friction.

Typical Problems

Unable to get EMV compliant due to some party in the chain has not completed EMV certification. In September 2015, we had more EMV certified terminal solutions than any other company, including chip and pin certifications to multiple acquirers, and including with P2PE. Others are still struggling in 2017.

Retailers are paying higher than necessary processing costs because of their billing plan design, employee actions, and internal and external fraud. Retailers want to add another channel to accept payments, yet each channel has another interface causing more accounting work.

Merchant and Customer Centric Enterprise Solutions

The most important benefit we provide is streamlining the payment experience across all channels. Other solutions may support multi-channel payments, however, they do not do it in a manner that also reduces PCI Compliance burden while optimizing interchange, the bulk of your credit card processing fees, and efficiencies such as order on-line, pick up in-store, with seamless solution to refund via any channel.

Our solutions remove cashiers from making decisions that impact profits, including payment processing fees.

Our fraud prevention tools mitigate the risk of internal and external fraud. If you think you're immune, you are wrong. Fraud has been revealed at many operations after adding CenPOS, regardless of the sophistication of their existing POS system. In multiple cases internal fraud had been going on for years by long-term trusted employees.

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3D Industry Rating

80% of retail businesses could benefit from updating technology and or pricing plans.

Our hosted payment processing platform removes the cashier from virtually all factors impacting EBITDA. It reduces internal and external fraud, improves interchange qualification, and improves efficiencies. It works with your existing check, credit and electronic payment suppliers and from all sources including mobile, web, POS, call center, API etc. It's fast, easy, and free to implement (hardware may be needed if you do not have compatible PCI certified equipment), minimizing business disruption now and in the future.

Overall, this industry has below average payment processing cost management capabilities, regardless of size (up to $1B). On the flip side, 70% of those that also have catalog and or ecommerce stores in addition to their retail store, DO have more tools in place.