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Typical Problem

Donations are accepted online, at events , via mail and via telemarketing. This can create a disconnect in donor relationship and also opens many doors for PCI Compiance issues. How can you manage sustaining donor credit card information in a secure manner?


Donor management software, a single payment processor, and consulting to help non-profits manage transactions across many entry points to minimize costly downgrades.

Costs are frequently bundled into 'average buckets' and whenever that happens, the processor is always going to pick a higher average to protect themselves. We offer a completely open solution so customers benefit from every level of interchange rates plus comprehensive reporting. Access to every transaction with every detail, on demand, for fast access to resolve disputed charges.

Whether you are using Convio, Blackbaud or another donor management system, we can connect a different credit card processing solution, including sustaining donors. Contrary to what you may hear, there are other options than the software suppliers preferred partners in most cases. If you have an existing gateway such as Payflow Pro or, you can continue with the same if desired. In addition to the right price plan, the key to your permanent cost control is INTERCHANGE MANAGEMENT. We're the watchdog that really looks at HOW you are processing to ensure you hit the lowest rates possible for any given transaction.

3D Industry Rating

90% of large non-profits analyzed could realize 20% + savings by implementing our recommendations. Overall, this industry has poor payment processing cost management and fair PCI Compliance.